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    23 Affordable Travel Items If You’re Bougie On A Budget

    I mean, why not travel in style?

    1. I always use this passport wallet whenever I travel. It has enough space to store your passport, boarding pass, and any cards.

    2. Don't forget to add these luggage tags to your basket, otherwise you may be making some phone calls to retrieve your lost bag!

    3. Or these luggage tags are equally as stylish!

    4. It's important to stay hydrated, and this collapsible water bottle is ideal for travel. It can even be attached to your bag.

    5. Treat yourself to this pair of noise-cancelling earphones that won't cost you a pretty penny.

    6. Upgrade your wash bag to this hanging organiser that has multiple compartments.

    7. This Ecotools travel set contains three makeup brushes and a pack of blotting papers all stored in a handy bag.

    8. Check out these floral packing cubes that will keep your clothes (or other bits and bobs) organised.

    9. If you're taking a carry on, this duffel bag is super lightweight and has multiple pockets.

    10. Store any lotions or creams in these pastel containers!

    11. You can take your signature scent with you using these refillable perfume atomisers.

    12. This foldable hairbrush is super compact, meaning you can keep your hair looking tidy on the go.

    13. Or check out these stylish claw clips to keep your hair out of your face.

    14. This portable power bank allows you to charge your phone which is especially useful during long journeys.

    15. Keep your makeup feeling and looking fresh with this e.l.f hydrating spray.

    16. And if you've forgotten your face SPF, no worries as this Garnier SPF50 can be worn *over* your makeup!

    17. These facial razors are great for keeping on top of your eyebrows while on holiday. They even come with protective caps so you can store them safely.

    18. Hand sanitiser can fit your aesthetic too with these adorable keyring holders.

    19. Or this large refillable sanitiser bottle will turn it into a spray to avoid any spills or waste. Plus, it comes in a range of vibrant colours!

    20. Travel in comfort with this plush neck pillow.

    21. This fold-and-go blanket is great if you're feeling a little chilly, but can also be used as a pillow when folded.

    22. I love this silk eye mask that will allow you to sleep more comfortably on the plane. It looks way more expensive than it is!

    23. Treat yourself to these IG-worthy sunglasses that cost less than a tenner!