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    These 23 Affordable Products Have Readers Racing To The Checkout This Week

    Clearly, great minds think alike ✨

    1. Keep moths away from your wardrobe with these bags of dried lavender. Psst...they'll keep your clothes smelling great too!

    2. Treat and prevent breakouts with this acne cream from Éclat. It will soothe aggravated skin without stripping it dry.

    3. Remove fingerprints and smudges from your screens with these wipes that are stored in a handy resealable tub.

    4. Stop hair from getting caught in your drain with this silicone protector. It will collect any hair which in turn can then be easily discarded.

    5. This 6-in-1 washing machine cleaner will dissolve hair, leftover detergent residue, and remove any buildup of limescale.

    6. This bin powder will absorb any excess moisture and odour, leaving your bin smelling a lot fresher!

    7. Get your shower looking crystal clear with this daily no-scrub spray. It will dissolve any soap residue and limescale buildup.

    8. Check out these buffers that will stop door handles from marking walls whenever they bang into them.

    9. Scrub the tiles on your floor and walls with this sturdy brush that has an ergonomic handle for added grip.

    10. This sleep mask has a bending cartilage design, so you can block out as much light as possible by moulding it around the bridge of your nose.

    11. If you used your barbecue a lot through the warm weather, give it a deep clean with this spray that will remove any caked-on grease and grime.

    12. Protect surfaces from hot pots and pans with these silicone trivets. They can be folded away after use so they'll take up very little storage.

    13. This spray bottle is designed for oil, so you can bid farewell to the times you poured *way* too much and had to try to get it back into the bottle!

    14. These antibacterial multi-surface wipes will cut through grease and grime, making your home smell and look fresher too.

    15. Banish antiperspirant or sweat stains from your clothing with Dr. Beckmann's remover spray.

    16. If you suffer from migraines, these non-medicinal cooling strips will offer some much needed relief.

    17. These clip-on lights are ideal for camping or DIY in dimly lit areas.

    18. Add more storage to your wardrobe with this hanging jewellery organiser. It has 80 pockets and will stop necklaces from getting tangled!

    19. Hydrate and moisturise your lips as you sleep with this strawberry-scented overnight lip mask.

    20. Encourage eyebrow and eyelash growth with this popular serum. It will lengthen and thicken the hairs, with growth becoming noticeable in as little as two weeks.

    21. This silicone toilet brush has a flexible head which makes it easier to clean every nook and cranny.

    22. Dissolve dry skin in just 15 seconds with Sally Hansen's cuticle remover.

    23. Add this 8-in-1 kitchen tool to your basket! It includes *deep breath* a funnel, a lemon squeezer, an egg masher, a spice grater, a cheese grater, an egg separator, a can opener, and a measuring cup! It can all be stacked on top of each other for storage.