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    People Are Sharing The 16 Actors Who Deserve To Finally Win An Oscar After Being Snubbed

    "He is one of the most talented actors alive and yet he's rarely nominated for anything."

    Recently, u/obviousthrowawyay asked "who do you think is the most snubbed actor for Oscars in this generation?" and I wanted to round up some of the best answers...

    1. Toni Collette

    2. Willem Dafoe

    3. Amy Adams

    4. John Goodman

    5. Edward Norton

    6. Rosamund Pike

    7. James McAvoy

    8. Carey Mulligan

    9. Angela Bassett

    10. Robert Pattinson

    11. Robert Downey Jr.

    12. Stephanie Hsu

    13. Chadwick Boseman

    14. Adam Sandler

    15. Michelle Williams

    16. Jake Gyllenhaal

    H/T to u/obviousthrowawyay and AskReddit for having this discussion!

    Note: All submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Are there any other actors that haven't been mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.