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6 Body-Positive Latino Illustrators Who See The Beauty In Curves

Six Latino artists tell BuzzFeed Español what inspires them, and what goes into the process of creating plus-sized art.

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There have been periods in art history where female beauty was represented in all its forms. Over time, slim women were portrayed more and more frequently in pictures, drawings and photography.

Venus de Urbino-Tiziano / Via

But that doesn't mean that curvy girls have ceased to exist, or that they're any less beautiful now than they were in the 16th century. There are dozens of illustrators around the world who create, promote and distribute art dedicated to figures of all shapes and sizes.

In honor to their work, we introduce them to you...

1. Keishla Rodriguez (Munrou)

Instagram: @munbbi / Via

Country: Puerto Rico

Munrou is 26 years old and she's a freelance artist and illustrator. She began drawing plus-sized girls 3 years ago. "My motivation was the lack of representation. I didn't want to continue the stigma that has been around for so long about what an ideal body should look like. I wanted to contribute my grain of salt to put forward a message of love and acceptance towards our bodies."

Instagram: @munbbi / Via

Munrou got started on Tumblr, were she received hundreds of messages of support and appreciation. "Many girls wrote to me saying that they felt happy to see their bodies reflected in my pieces, and that gave them a boost of confidence", she said.

Of course, Munrou has also received criticism for her work, including accusations that she's "promoting obesity".

Instagram: @munbbi / Via

"I have encountered criticism from people who believe I glorify obesity and I've had to explain why my work does not promote a bad lifestyle, but rather I bring a message of love and acceptance towards our bodies, and that regardless of your size, you have to carry your body with pride," adds Munrou.

You can follow her work on Facebook, Instagram and buy her art aquí.


2. Eduardo Santos (Edull)

Instagram: @edull_ardo / Via

Country: Brazil

Edull is 29 years old and when he quit his job in 2013 he began drawing curvy women and doing on-demand illustrations full time.


Edull began posting his illustrations through his Instagram account, attracting attention first in North American before expanding into the Brazilian artistic community. Currently, his work is exhibited in different fairs and exhibitions through the world.

You can follow him on Instagram, Facebook and buy his art on Etsy.

3. Sara Fratini

Instagram: @sara_fratini / Via

Country: Venezuela

Sara is 30 years old, she studied in Madrid, Spain and Nancy, France, but currently lives in Amantea, Italy. She's been drawing since she was a girl but admits that it wasn't until in late-2012 that she began to add curves to her creations.

Instagram: @sara_fratini / Via

"I didn't plan it, the illustrations just came from somewhere hidden deep within me. I grew up feeling the pressure to lose weight and I believe that my illustrations are a reaction to that pressure," Sara told BuzzFeed Español.

"Not all overweight people have a disease, and not all thin people are healthy."

Instagram: @sara_fratini / Via

"Defending curves doesn't mean that I agree with excess sugar consumption or bad habits that affect your health and that in many cases are associated with obesity," added Sara.

You can follow Sara on Instagram, Facebook an buy her books here.

4. Gastón Farías

Gastón Farías / Via Facebook: gastonfariasartepretencioso

Country: Argentina

As an admirer of illustrators Milo Manara and Olivieri Serpieri, Gastón was always fascinated by their unique manner of portraying the sensuality of voluptuous curves. "I think I've always been attracted to those shapes and I became obsessed with recreating them in my own way", he says.

Gastón Farías / Via

Gastón says that "I admire those who have the drive to follow a diet to lose weight and transform their body, it takes great sacrifice. But I also think that you can and must be happy with what you were dealt with in life. It's as simple as that."

@gastonfariasbbw / Via

You can follow Gastón's work on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

5. Arely Sandoval


Country: Mexico

Arely recalls that she has had a life-long fondness for drawing and has always sought to try out different drawing techniques, but it wasn't until the project Diálogos de una gorda, a kind of personal diary where she learns to love and laugh about her life, that she was able to make a name for herself in the world of illustration.

Diálogos de una gorda / Via Facebook: DialogosDeUnaGorda

Arely got her start posting her illustrations on Facebook before creating her blog,, which is what first inspired her to open an online store. Now her presence on Instagram and Twitter allows her to sell customized illustrations on demand.

"Most of us women 'feel' fat."

Arely Sandoval / Via Facebook: DialogosDeUnaGorda

Arely told BuzzFeed Español that "many girls write to me everyday telling me how they feel a bias, or that they're depressed because they're overweight. And yet, when I see their profiles, I see someone I would consider thin! I think most of us women 'feel' fat, we feel that we don't fit the ideal of the perfect body, we're living with 'mental fatness,' mostly."

You can follow Arely on Facebook, Instagram and her blog.


6. Monica Kim Garza

Instagram: @monicakimgarza / Via

Country: United States

Monica, 27, began to illustrate women with curves in 2009. "They're big women because I've always seen myself kind of like that, especially on my thighs and hips, and I don't want to illustrate something that doesn't represent me. I guess that I'm my own inspiration," says the young woman born in New Mexico.

Instagram: @monicakimgarza / Via

Monica was motivated by the curvy, healthy shapes of Classic Greek and Renaissance art, but "I couldn't really identify with them, being dark-skinned and dark-haired," she told BuzzFeed Español.

Her art has been described as "powerful" and the nudism in her work reflects influences from hip hop and Frida Kahlo.

Instagram: @monicakimgarza / Via

Her illustrations have been turned into t-shirts and even skateboards.

You can follow Monica Garza on her website, Facebook and Instagram, and buy her art here.