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Dear Mr. Trump, Your Daughter Is Not A Piece Of Ass

An open letter to Donald Trump.

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And neither is mine. Nor will she ever be. Women to you, are commodities—something you acquire, objects to pose by your side, or objects to ridicule. They are not human beings. You say you love women. You do not. You love their parts. You love how they make you feel. You believe that because you are wealthy and powerful, that you have access to those parts. You do not.

Mr. Trump, you said, "When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything…grab them by the pussy. You can do anything." You were talking about a married woman and colleague and you bragged that you can sexually assault her because you're a star. This is not locker room banter. This is not a joke between two dudes. This is telling. This is who you really are. When you think no one is listening, you let the world hear who you are. And we all heard it. I have never experienced men speaking like this except in Mafia movies or educational videos about sexual abuse. And it makes me sick, as a woman, as a mother, a daughter, a sister, as a full human being who is made up of many parts.

The thought of my eleven year old daughter growing up under a president who views women as pieces of ass, as Ms. Piggy's, as slobs, as dogs, is to say the very least, frightening. As a mother, I will protect her from men like you, in office and in life.

Articles cannot be written about you without editing your lewd words. Live news feeds have to bleep out your disgusting rhetoric. For the first time, we could have a State of the Union Address that will have to be censored because it is so vile. The networks will have to give it a NR rating and parents will have to be warned ahead of time that this presidential speech could include sexually explicit or violent material. This is the world under Donald Trump. I do not want my daughter to experience that world.

Our daughters are not pieces of ass, Mr. Trump. They are people. I will raise my daughter to know that when anyone defines her as only a part to a whole, a piece of a person, or with ugly insults, that she is never to tolerate it. She is better than that. We all are. Our girls, our women, our nation, we are above this.

Mr. Trump, on November 8th, my daughter and I will walk into that voting booth and take great pleasure in voting for a woman. I will use your bad example to educate my child on what man to avoid at all costs, as a husband or friend, or president. You are quite possibly the best cautionary tale and that is the only positive statement I could say about you. The other half, those arm candies and pieces of ass and Ms. Piggy's, those dogs and Miss Housekeepers are going to vote. We will all show up on election day in droves to use our voices to keep you from using yours.

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