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A Complete Lyrical Analysis of Why 'Look What You Made Me Do' Is About Arya Stark, NOT Kanye or Katy or Kim

I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me

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There are plenty of Taylor Swift conspiracy-theorists, fools, in my opinion, who like to say that her songs are about ex-boyfriends or ex-friends or about the power couple of Kanye and Kim. Her new single dropped yesterday, dripping in darkness and revenge, and people all over the Internet are claiming that there must a mystery about who she’s unleashing her wrath upon this time. But, come on. It’s obvious. This isn’t a revenge song about Kanye, or Kim, it’s not even about Katy. ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is about Arya Stark.

And I’ve got the lyrical analysis to prove it.

I don't like your little games...

From the very beginning of the lyrics video, Swift's opening words are transposed upon chess pieces--a game of thrones that we play every single day. A game once used by kings to learn about the strategy of war. If you want to go even deeper with the references, then think about this: she’s talking about little games. Is it possible she’s talking about Littlefinger, and Littlefinger’s little twisted games? Um, definitely.

I don’t like your tilted stage

Obviously a reference to Arya’s encounter with the acting troupe, back in Season 6, in which the very plot of games, in dramatic irony, was made into a play-within-a-play. The role you made me play, like a fool is a continuation of references to the dark world of Game of Thrones, both with its medieval setting and the use of actual fools in the court and the fools who see things for how they really are (Arya’s an example of this, as a woman who is able to use her minority role to see the true nature of the world she lives in). Also, side-note, stages were totally slanted in the olde days, and if you knew anything about Shakespeare you would know that.

No, I don't like you/ I don't like your perfect crime/ how you laugh when you lie

No caption necessary here, ladies: we know who she's talking about: Littlefinger.

And that killer smile of his.

You said the gun was mine/ wasn’t cool/ no, I don’t like you

Obvi a Needle reference. Remember when she had to give up Needle in Braavos, but didn't, really? Yeah back in Game of Thrones time your sword was basically your gun.

I don’t like your kingdom keys/ they once belonged to me/ you asked me for a place to sleep/ locked me out/ then threw a feast (WHAT!?)

Perhaps no one has written about murder with such grace as Swift before, in this lyric. Throw a feast? More like throw a murder partay. So, just to continue stating the obvious as I have throughout this post, I don't really see how this could be about Kanye or Kim or Katy, because I am pretty sure that 'Bad Blood' was about figurative blood, not actual blood. Which is quite different from the fabulously violent world of GoT.

The world moves on, another day, another drama, drama/ but not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma/ the world goes on but one thing’s for sure/ baby I got mine, and you’ll all get yours

Is an explanation even necessary at this point? Like, really?

I don’t trust nobody and nobody trusts me/ I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams/ I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now/ Why?/ oh, ‘cause she’s dead…

Ooh, clever, Taylor. Of course ‘nobody trusts’ Arya. Because Arya is ‘nobody,’ and she is the only one she can trust. Oh, and right. When she puts on her masks she gets to be anyone she wants, which is basically what an actress is, but she stars in our bad dreams because she is a cold-blooded vengeful murderer. Oh, and right. She’s also dead. Phoenix etcetera metaphor as discussed as before.

“Arya doesn’t have a phone, though,” I can already hear the imaginary haters saying in my head. “It’s clearly about Katy.”

Is it, though? Is it, really? Well what about that time ED SHEERAN, one of TAYLOR SWIFT’S BEST FRIENDS, met Arya? It’s called time travel. It’s called Arya telling him her tale of woe and vengeance and him coming back to our present day and telling Taylor about everything that happened (because clearly Game of Thrones is all based upon true events). And he was like, “I want to write a song about it.” And Taylor, in a dark silky black dress and leather jacket, was like, “What? I’m the badass bitch here. I should write it. For my new album. You just wrote ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Galway Girl’ and it something so dark doesn’t go along with your sound these days. And besides I kind of have a thing about that Littlefinger guy and I want to write a song about him, but anger is the only way I know how to write a love song anymore. So, um, is that cool?”

“Yeah okay, didn’t realize you felt so strongly about it,” Ed said, picking up his lyre.

So there is no doubt in my mind that this song is about Arya Stark, and there should be no doubt in yours, either. I’ve provided all the evidence anyone will every need. It’s about Arya Stark and her list of names, okay? Oh and also by the way this song is totally a spoiler. Arya is going to do something you can't blame her for this Sunday, because someone else made her do it. Probably, murder. Probably, Littlefinger. But you know what I find myself wishing? Sansa. Because it's totally not fair. She can't be the only person he lusts for forever after.

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