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    13 Products For Anyone Who Absolutely Hates Having Tangled Hair

    The only thing worse than tangled headphones is tangled hair.

    1. A Conair anti-static comb that'll detangle your knots and reduce frizz at the same time.

    2. A Cantu shea butter cowash to combat dry hair, which is usually how tangles are formed.

    3. A satin pillowcase, because your hair also deserves to rest easy. It won't pull at your hair (unlike regular pillows) even if you toss and turn — so you'll wake up with fewer broken strands and frizz-free hair.

    4. A TotLogic detangling spray that's a leave-in conditioner made with jojoba, lavender, and sweet orange essential oils to help detangle hair and make combing easy. Btw, it's vegan and cruelty-free!

    5. A Wet Brush with an ergonomic handle to ensure that your wrist won't get sore and soft, flexible bristles for helping you work through those knots without the tears.

    6. An Arvazallia hair mask made with nourishing argan oil to bring damaged, frizzy hair back to life thanks to its hydrating formula.

    7. A Tangle Teezer with flexible teeth that can ease the stress of brushing your little one's hair.

    8. A Drybar pre-styling spray to loosen knots and make them easier for you to remove.

    9. A Crave Naturals detangling brush with cone-shaped bristles that separate your hair sideways — instead of up and down — to remove knots quickly and gently with way less damage to your hair.

    10. A Mane 'n Tail detangler for the most intense tangles and knots that'll have you reaching for the scissors. This product saves you from cutting your hair since it's a friction-free slip (originally designed for grooming horses) that leads to fewer broken strands and shinier tresses.

    11. A Maple Holistics shampoo and conditioner made with jojoba and argan oil to help bring some moisture to dry hair, which'll prevent (or when it's already too late, treat) knots.

    12. A John Frieda hot air brush so you can style your hair like a professional and not end up with a tangled mess.

    13. A 100-pack of no-crease hair ties to try if your tangle woes come from hair ties.

    Goodbye, tangles!

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