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    24 Perfect Gifts To Send To Your Long Distance Best Friend

    🎶Near, far, wherever you areeeee 🎶

    1. A personalized mug so they'll think of you even as they sip on their favorite drink miles away.

    2. A book to let them know exactly why they're your BFF. It's a fill-in-the-blank book, so you basically pour your heart out on the pages.

    3. A friendship wish bracelet for them to wear and think of you.

    4. A sheet of custom stickers so they can never forget your face.

    5. A mug your long-distance Rachel or Monica will appreciate.

    6. A book of 12 letters for them to read whenever they need a little note of advice and encouragement from you.

    7. A passport wallet that'll hold all their important travel docs and money while they are on their way to see you!

    8. A candle with a personalized message to remind them that you miss them whenever they use it.

    9. A custom stationary subscription box so they can write letters on pretty paper and send them to you the old-fashioned way.

    10. A keychain to prove that no matter where you both are in the world, you'll always have each other.

    11. A pair of personalized socks with you and your BFF's faces on them to let the world know your friendship is thriving despite the distance in a funny, unconventional way.

    12. A self-care subscription box filled with uplifting handmade goodies and a personalized note from you so you can still take care of them from afar.

    13. A throw pillow for them to hold close when you're not there to give them a much-needed hug.

    14. A Blue Apron subscription to step up your Skype game by cooking dinner while video chatting.

    15. Matching wine glasses for your partner-in-wine who understands that even though you're in different states, you can still have wine with them in mind OR have wine night while you video chat.

    16. A pair of lamps that light up when touched to let your BFF know you're thinking of them.

    17. Alex and Ani bracelets so the both of you can wear your hearts on your sleeves (wrists).

    18. A candle that smells like where you and your BFF created countless memories together.

    19. A shirt for you and your Abbi or Ilana to wear while you're apart, so everyone will know your friendship is as strong as Broad City's BFFs.

    20. Matching cute handmade keychains if you and your BFF are two halves of an avocado.

    21. A book of illustrations that'll let them know that you're basically nothing without them and appreciate them being in your life.

    22. A keychain that reps your respective states, serves as a reminder that you'll see them soon, and will cheer them up whenever they see it.

    23. A personalized pillow with your face on it so it'll be like you're right there with them as they binge-watch a show on Netflix miles away.

    24. A pin set to represent the eternal bond of friendship through the most sacred of promises — the pinky promise.

    What's distance when you have a great BFF?

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