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Marketing Hacks For Casinos And Gambling Niches

With more an more information on the web, marketing in the highly competitive world of advertising is becoming harder. To be successful with internet marketing requires investing in ever more targeted niches. As the web develops the online casinos and gambling industry have been at the forefront. With their reliance on bright graphics the gaming industry, online casinos, and gambling are well suited to internet marketing.

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Finding a Niche for Casinos and Gambling

Online gambling platforms are more in demand than at any time previously. What's more competition is constantly growing. Marketing companies are seeking out new ways to enhance online casino, gaming, and finance SEM to rise above competition and obtain higher success through gaining new visitors and customers. But what exactly is it that constitutes a niche in the casino and gambling industries?

In his affiliate marketing blog Charles Ngo lists the ever increasing expenditure on native advertising in the casino business over the last 6 years.


As you can see with such increase spending on native advertising alone the competition is high in the casino industry. But what is encouraging is that such spending demonstrates that there is still money to be made and new niches to be discovered!​

So what exactly is it that constitutes a niche in the casino and gambling industries?

Assuming your site will rely on site traffic from search engines, it will take less effort to rank for a niche topic than it will be to rank for a competitive keyword. For instance, the search term "casino" is a general search term that could apply to an online casino, a casino book, casino the movie or a local bricks and mortar casino.

Refine it further to a term such as, "online casino," and still you will end up with a list of generic options searches, such as play casino for free, or play a casino with a first time deposit.

With "online casino bonus" as a search term, this could be a search of potential value. Again though does it apply to someone who would potentially play in a casino for money?

A more targeted search term would be "online casino bonus cashback." This kind of search suggests that the user knows exactly what they are looking for. Also, the term cashback implies that they will be playing with real money and would be interested in receiving something in return.

As you can see by refining the original search term it is possible for the marketer to drill down into the niche. Search terms will decrease for more niche searches such as these but it will take less time for a site to rank. What's more this will free up more time to focus on the conversion process.

Which Gambling or Casino Niche is Profitable?

For marketing purposes it is advisable to target a range of niches within the gambling and casino market. That way each niche relevant website could be viewed as a measure for which niche is the more likely to generate profitable results.

How well site pages rank will be a solid indicator of which sites will perform better. A calculated projection can be made of that niche by assessing how much traffic is generated and what is the value of each conversion.

Aside from using the search engines to generate ideas on what might be worth pursuing, there are some additional tools to help you learn more about a business and see what it is worth.

Niche Research Tools

Any serious marketer hoping to get real results from SEO will need to be equipped with the very best niche targeting tools available.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a ton of cash to become an niche finding SEO expert. Here is a shortlist of some of the popular tools by some of the top internet marketers in the business:

Google Keyword Tool via Adwords & Analysis - The Google keyword tool used to operate as a separate service but to use it now you have to access it through Adwords. This tool shows you comparable searches along with traffic volumes behind certain keywords and more importantly how much people are bidding for that traffic.

Google Search - Niche research should include a check of which sites rank for what keywords. A search for more niche topics will likely provide one of 3 scenarios: 1: maximum competition and everyone is doing it, 2: some competition but room to make it into the top 10, or 3: no competition at all. Deciding which point of entry is most accessible in terms of generating conversions can then be calculated from the initial search. It's worth remembering that taking on the giants of the casino business will be much harder than going into a less competitive niche.

Bulk Domain Search - will provide a list of available domains. There are many gems to be found amongst unregistered and newly expired domains. Remember that with a newly expired domain there is a good chance that it may already have a strong backlink profile or still be ranking in the search engines.

There are many more tools out there that can bring great results for targeting niches using search terms. These are just a few of the most popular and easy to use.

Online casino games have become a massive source of revenue for various companies. This makes it harder for a new company to stand out separately and grow new visitors and customers. Niche marketing and SEO strategies will help open up new markets upon which toe build a brand. Not only will SEO services help rank a company higher on search engines, it builds company credibility.

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