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13 Dirty Secrets Backpackers Will Never Tell You

You might want to hear the ugly truth before you set off on your journey across the world.

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1. The weather isn't always as good as in the pictures.

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If you don't do your research properly, you might find yourself engulfed in a months long monsoon season paired with the worst flooding recorded so far.

9. Your family and friends back home will try to convince you that you'll either get mugged, raped or killed if you walk alone after dark.

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And you try to reassure them that San Francisco at night is actually scarier than Kampala, to no avail.

11. There will also be a point in time when you reluctantly decide to give up on personal hygiene, as the smell of mosquito spray mixed with sweat completely overpowers your deodrant anyways.

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Can anyone tell that I have been wearing this t-shirt for 5 days in a row now?

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