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Thoughts Everyone Has When Applying To BuzzFeed

Am I qualified for this? Am I overqualified for this?

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But then getting minorly anxious when you realize most of the openings are in fact NOT staff writer positions.


What happened to 'people who can create funny cat articles'? I can totally create funny cat articles if you'd just let me!!

And you start to question if you are in fact qualified for any position.


Who knew there were people out there with 5 years of social media editing experience who wants to work for BuzzFeed? Aren't they a bit old for that now anyways?

But then there's this feeling creeping up on you that you might in fact be OVERQUALIFIED for this job.


The description is a bit vague, and tbh you're worried what your parents might say after putting you through college so that you can create funny lists with cat gifs in them...

But eventually it dawns on you that you might not be the only one applying for the job, and that maybe you had unrealistic expectations.


Also you're only just now seeing all the typos in your CV that you were supposed to proof read before sending it off -.-

And you realize how much time staff writers must use on their posts, without even knowing if people will like it!?


And you start doubting if it's worth spending another hour trying to resize that image so it fits the thumbnails, when all you really want to do is hog your bed.

And you realize that although Anastasia Steele got a job straight out of college, that does not mean you are a complete screw-up (yet, at least).


That's basically what The Graduate is all about, right? So you realize you shouldn't be too hard on yourself, and just give it some time!

Because good things come to those who wait 🙌

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