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The Protein World Ad That Enraged Britain Has Generated Mixed Responses In New York

People have been anticipating the reactions after the recent U.S. launch.

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The weigh-loss company is seemingly unaffected by the massive backlash against their 'Are You Beach Body Ready?' ads on the London tube, which spurred an outrage on social media and resulted in an online petition with more than 70,000 signatures to have the posters removed. Back bigger than ever, the company launched their first ad on Times Square, with planned posters all over the New York subway, according to Breibart.

Renee Somerfield, the model in the ads, announced the arrival on Times Square on Twitter last week:

What's up Times Square 👋🏼 @ProteinWorld

So far the reactions on Twitter have been mixed, with some celebrating the company's arrival while others have criticized the negative body image they portray.

@Badthincks @ReneeSomerfield @DrEvilGamer @ProteinWorld Who else is ready for some feminist tears?

@ReneeSomerfield @martian_munk @ProteinWorld *jazz hands*

@ReneeSomerfield @ProteinWorld unstoppable #ProteinWorld

@ReneeSomerfield @ProteinWorld Lookin good Renee. Pay no mind to jealous bitches.

@XJR100 @ProteinWorld @MrASingh Wonder if Yank chubsters are as moany as UK ones. All these fatsos graffed over the advert with podgy hands

@ReneeSomerfield @ProteinWorld All those butthurt fattasses.

RT @PushONltd: #ProteinWorld have launched in NYC - are we to witness round 2 ? - #SEO

@ReneeSomerfield @ProteinWorld srry but it sends the wrong message , talkin bout the bottle besides the girl, it's sayin

@ReneeSomerfield @ProteinWorld a great way to introduce impressionable young inner city girls to eating disorders... seeing that every day.

@ReneeSomerfield @ProteinWorld let's see the fat feminazis climb up and write on it :p

.@ReneeSomerfield @ProteinWorld @Chester_LTP I wonder if some SJW is going to end up twitching on the ground and foaming at the mouth?

@penguinman2 @ReneeSomerfield @ProteinWorld i can't wait for the salt #GamerGate

@ReneeSomerfield @ProteinWorld LMAO THE BACKFIRE

Head of Marketing Richard Staveley had this to say about the NY launch:

"It's a big middle finger to everybody who bothered to sign that stupid petition in the UK. It's a fat F-U to them all. You could say that the London protestors helped pay for the New York campaign", speaking to Breitbart.

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