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Should You Live In Amsterdam?

Time to find out!

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  1. 1. Where are you Friday after work?

  2. 2. Pick a mode of transportation:

  3. 3. Pick a snack:

  4. 4. Pick a Sunday outing:

  5. 5. What's your poison?

  6. 6. Pick your preferred footwear:

  7. 7. Pick your mate:

  8. 8. Pick a show you wouldn't be caught dead watching, but secretly enjoy:

  9. 9. Pick a breakfast:

  10. 10. Pick a flower:

  11. 11. Pick a beverage:

  12. 12. Pick an irritating situation:

  13. 13. Pick a late-night snack:

  14. 14. Pick a sin:

  15. 15. Pick an ideal summer day:

  16. 16. Pick a night out attire:

  17. 17. Choose a living situation:

  18. 18. Pick a fragrance:

Should You Live In Amsterdam?

You got: You should definitely live in Amsterdam!

Cheap beer, lots of cheese, windmills and canals - its all there! As long as you don't walk in the bike lane (which is considered a deadly sin in Holland), Amsterdam has its arms wide open for you! Pack your bags already, what are you waiting for?

You should definitely live in Amsterdam!
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