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How Many Feminists Have You Pissed Off?

Time to find out! Are you that guy?

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  1. Check all that apply:

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    You have 'complimented' strange women passing by at least a handful of times.
    You think feminists are a bunch of whiny, lesbian bra-burners who just want an excuse not to shave their armpits.
    You have told several women to 'calm down', whenever in an argument with you.
    You believe women are to blame for being sexually harassed when wearing short skirts or tops with cleavage.
    You firmly believe that women do not make good leaders becuase they are too emotional.
    You have asked a woman if she is on her period, when in an argument.
    You take up a sizeable amount of space on the subway by sitting with your legs spread (see manspreading).
    You have asked a pregnant woman how she plans on balancing work and family, leaving the spouse out of the question.
    You don't get why we need feminism now that women have equal rights.
    You have persistently asked a woman out on a date, after she has politely declined multiple times.
    You believe rape victims are partly responsible if intoxicated and out alone at night.
    You have high fived your friends for catcalling a 'hot' woman in front of her.
    You think a lack of response is a sign you should try harder.
    You think that in some instances, if you push the right buttons, 'no' can actually mean 'yes'.
    You don't yield to others on the sidewalk, but expect them to move for you.
    You think street harassment has been hyped up, and that women can just take cabs or stay inside instead if they are so annoyed by it.
    You have tried to explain something to a woman, who clearly knows better than you what you are talking about (see mansplaining).
    You think women are flattered when you whistle at them.
    You don't think the media or pop culture is particularly sexist, but rather reflecting the reality of things.
    You think blonde jokes are funny, and tell them regularly to your female friends.
    You tell women not laughing at sexist jokes that 'it's just a joke, come on it's funny!'
    You think Hillary Clinton looks too manly.
    Whenever debating gender roles, you point out that women are built physically weaker than men.
    You expect your mother/girlfriend/female friends to take charge of the cooking whenever you are making dinner together.
    You think that feminists hate men.
    You truly believe feminists will die alone, surrounded by their 12 cats.
    If a woman says she is feminist on the first date, you are intimdated by it or find it weird.
    You have a habit of interrupting women when you think they are wrong or feel you have something more important to say.
    You are afraid to date feminists because you wouldn't know what to do with the check.
    You think women dressing up and wearing lots of make-up are 'asking for it'.
    You think feminists are a special 'breed', often dressing a bit butch or alternative.
    You think 'rape culture' is something Jezebel or Feministing made up.
    You don't get why people get so worked up about tampon taxes or gendered products aimed at kids.

How Many Feminists Have You Pissed Off?

Congratulations! You have pissed off next to zero feminists, and then maybe just by accident. Are you a closet-feminist yourself maybe?

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Congratulations, you have only pissed off a handful of feminists! This requires a celebration.

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Congratulations, you have pissed off a great deal of feminists! Whether this should be celebrated or not is debatable, but you certainly know how to push the right buttons.

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