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10 Easy Steps To Become A Feminist

Because you do believe in gender equality, don't you?

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1. Burn all your bras (yes, ALL of them).


Bras were instituted by the patriarchy as a means of subjugating women on an every day basis. You don't want to participate in your own suppression, do you?

2. Let your body hair grow.


Whatever you do, DO NOT shave your armpits. That is a cardinal sin within feminism and will have you kicked to the curb faster than you can say "but she asked for it."

3. Stop wearing make-up.


As a matter of fact, stop wearing heels, stop brushing your hair, your teeth, basically stop doing anything that gives anyone a reason to objectify and sexualize you. Breathing and existing are exempted.

4. Delete all your male friends from Facebook.


Let's face it, there is no way your crusade against men will succeed when you have your guy friends leaving snarky comments on your posts about how men are aggressive by nature and unable to control their sexual desires. Good riddance!

5. Become a lesbian.


How can you fight the good fight, when you are quite literally sleeping with the enemy? Also penetration is degrading. And no, bisexual does not count, as there is simply no such thing.

6. Be unrelentingly angry.


With everyone. At all times. Even the mailman and your aunt. Doesn't matter. You have to let the world know how unfair it is to women, and the best way to do it is to maintain your bitchy resting face (it's okay to say that, if you're a feminist).

7. Get depressed (and nurture a questionable Prozac habit).

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This goes hand in hand with the former, along with the centuries of suppression and mysogyny that have deprived all women of agency.

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