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10 Cringeworthy Moments You Have The Day After

Because drunk you seems to think EVERYTHING is a good idea.

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2. Debating whether you should do the sneak-out or not.


If arriving at a yes, trying to quietly assemble all your belongings and not wake up the other person. If no, racking your brain to figure out what the proper custom of parting with a one-night stand is (do you hug, shake hands?).

8. Shopping for groceries when you are having the weirdest munchie cravings.


And praying that you won't run into anyone you know, or that the cashier will notice that you just bought peanut butter, nutella and pop tarts.

10. And lastly, just thinking about the events of last night, which come to you unexpectedly in small snippets throughout the day.


But tbh, everyone has done something they're not particularly proud of, so who gives a shit anyways?

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