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Ankara In A Nutshell

It is time to discover the capital city but do you really know where to go? If your answer is no don't worry! Your to do list is ready!

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1. Anıtkabir:

One of the most state of art museums around, Anitkabir has been one Ankara’s finest attractions. Indulge in the rich Turkish history as the museum takes you throughout their struggle for independance. Being the resting place of Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Anitkabir hosts many nationalistic events. Aside from the historical importance, Anitkabir is also a calm peaceful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Big halls and a giant ceremony area present the perfect ambiance for peace of mind. The open timings range from 09:00-17:00, it can be found at Anıt Caddesi (Tandoğan/Ankara), to contact their helpline: Tel: (312) 231 79 75.

2. Kızılay:

Located within the heart of Ankara, Kizilay is the area where Ankara springs to life. The best restaurants and nightclubs are located here. Local sellers also set up stalls to make a night market which is definitely worth a tourist’s visit. Kizilay serves as a shopping paradise for not only the brand conscious but also for those who are looking for a bargain (with stores ranging from high end brands like Mango to obscure local brands like Addax). In addition to the concentration of shopping plazas, this city center also contains and is close to some charming parks, such as Guven Park where one can lay back and just relax after a hard day’s worth of work, travel or shopping.

3. Seğmenler Park:

The park is a top tourist attraction in Spring when the flowers are in bloom and the uncountable number of birds are singing their songs, one may feel as if one is in a musical. People visit Segmenler Park often to enjoy the fresh air, the warm sun, their books, the pleasure of walking their pets or even simply bringing an instrument and playing calm/soothing music. The park opened in Ankara in 1983 and covers an area of 67,000 square meters and includes an amphitheater with pools, a children's garden and a concert area.

4. Eymir Lake:

It is located within the territory of Middle East University. It is not a very large lake, but it is big enough to bring beauty to the region and allow for the training of the university water sports team. The length of the famous lake is 4 km wide and 250 meters deep. Especially in the winter months, it offers different charming aesthetics for visitors to view. One can also go fishing in the life-abundant lake (with a permit) especially during the weekends when one can also enjoy fishing while having a picnic around the lake. Tree plantations in the park make it a sight to see for all seasons.

5. Kuğulu Park:

There is no doubt that Kuğulu Park is one of the most enjoyable parks located within the city of Ankara, frequented by both locals and tourists as it is easily accessible; the park in Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi is home to swans and ducks which can be found in its small pool (prohibited for use by visitors). There are 24 different species of birds in the park. In addition to the park poplars, there are plane trees, myrtle trees and hawthorn trees and various shrub groups. Due to its historical and natural beauty, the Ministry of Culture has designated it as a protected area by the Conservation Board of Cultural and Natural Assets of Ankara. The small park is open to visitors in every season.

6. Gölbaşı/ Mogan Lake:

Mogan Park, which consists of restrooms and picnic & entertainment areas, is located on an area of approximately 644,979 square meters. The park, which has mostly open and semi open spaces, also includes sports and cultural activities. In this area; There are 3 tennis courts, a wooden shoreline, a picnic area, a running and walking path, a marina island, a running track with a station, a basketball court and 2 mini football fields.

The beauty of the lake can be witnessed from the balcony of the sea lighthouse, which is located at the coast of Mogan lake and has a sea level of approximately 25 meters.

7. Salt Lake:

The Salt Lake is the third largest lake in Turkey in terms of surface area. It is located in the Central Anatolia Region where Ankara, Konya and Aksaray boundaries intersect. More than 60% of Turkey's salt needs come from this area. Also, Salt Lake is the shallowest lake in Turkey.

There is usually no water in this lake. The surface of the lake is covered with white salt and forms a photographic image. You can take very nice photos at sunset with a gorgeous seemingly unending horizon backdrop.

8. Hamamönü:

The restored Hamamonu area is for those people who want to enjoy the traditional life in Ankara. With authentic turkish cuisine and old style buildings, this place is a go-to attraction for history and culture enthusiasts. Here, one can find old Ottoman-style buildings restored and taken over by restaurants, cafés, çay gardens, museums & artisan jewellery/trinket sellers. The eateries are cosy and very affordable and offer a variety of local inspired dishes.

9. Ankara Castle:

Atop one of Ankara’s tallest hills lies one of the oldest man-made fortification structures known to mankind. The actual date of completion is not completely identified by archeologists but its establishment is pegged down to be somewhere in the 2nd century BC. Needless to say, this is one of Ankara’s greatest attractions; a perfect blend of renovation and dilapidation, the Ankara Castle (Ankara Kalesi in Turkish) provides tourists with a spectacular panoramic view of the capital of Turkey. It is advised to visit this attraction when it is sunny to get the full breath-taking experience it offers. Walk the authentic medieval cobblestone paths and witness beautiful architecture lost to time, restored only for your viewing pleasure.

Many of the ‘old’ buildings and houses are home to souvenir shops equipped with trinkets and precious stones, and restaurants that serve delicious traditional Turkish dishes such as Manti (the Turkish equivalent of Ravioli in a yoghurt and tomato sauce with ground meat).

10. Nearby towns: Beypazarı

An hours drive from Ankara, Beypazari is the town of carrots! Bursting with culture, this small town is a must visit. A combination of narrow streets and juice stalls, make beypazari a wonderful sight.

11. Ayaş

Right on the outskirts of Ankara, A wonderful parachuting program awaits the adventurous. With trained professionals, anyone can undertake this thrilling activity for an affordable price of 150TL.

12. Cafes & Restaurants:

Without tasting local foods and atmosphere, a trip to Ankara is trivial. Not only the food, but also learning the local lifestyle is the prime souvenir of the traveler. Refrigerator magnets and keychains are temporary. Memories of living in Ankara, on the other hand, is not.

13. ●AOC: Atatürk Orman Çiftliği

this green field is the largest in Ankara. It also known as historical landmark in Turkish history. Yet for travelers, it’s historical significance is insignificant. What is important at this point is the picnic, the zoo as well as the museum for the history enthusiast who are interested in learning the routines, foundations and struggles of independence war of Turkish Republic. Picnic area is quite large, residing with greenery and full of people, who are enjoying the gift of the nature consisting both locals and tourists. Trying kokorec is a must of visiting AOC,which is a special dish made of suckling lamb’s, a delicacy for the food enthusiasts.

14. ●Tunalı Hilmi Avenue

One of the most diverse, cosmopolitan and busiest shopping district of the city. Avenue is named after the historically famous statesman and politician Tunalı Hilmi. As modernist he was, his name gives a meaning to the culture of new and cosmopolitan Ankara. Avenue’s backstreets are crowded with cafes, restaurants, pubs and rock bars, representing the luscious lifestyle of people. Main street characterizes the colorful, and modern fashion culture of Ankara with its traditional cafes, shopping stores and Kuğulu Park.

15. ●Nusr.Et: #SaltBae

The juicy delicacy of Çankaya, located in the popular Arjantin Street. Reinventing the steak cuisine, Nusr.Et claims the throne in the sector rapidly after its launch in 2010. The restaurant became the one and only address for meatlovers since its opening and continues to be different and special with its rich food offerings, warm atmosphere and top notch service. It is possible to see the owner, the internet phenomenon Nusret Gökçe, as known as #SaltBae time to time. It is exceptionally a worth to try the Turkish meat cuisine. Tel: 0312 426 23 82.

16. BELPA Ice Skating Palace:

Ankara Ice Skating Palace, as known as BELPA Ice Skating Palace is the first olympic ice rink of Turkey, built in 1989. At the same time, first and the only olympic ice rink of Ankara, is a fun and, contrary to belief, a warm way to pass the time of the day. Public sessions of the ice rink is a great way to experience within the conventional Ankara culture. After the exhaustion of skating, cafe with the view of the ice rink offers a heartwarming escapade. With its modern cuisine and rich desserts, Shoppe is the perfect getaway. Hot chocolate will melt the frosty side of the guests ensued after the chilly public session. It is also possible to watch the training sessions and matches in the non-public sessions whether in the warm cafe or at the benches, closer to the excitement.

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