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Dimitris Agathos, Top 10 Covers: From Elvis To Ed, It Only Takes A Voice

Well, music has no borders, that's what people say. It's amazing how great songs and their vibes travel through place and time. Could Johny Cash, Elvis Presley or Ed Sheeran imagine that a young Greek computer science student could enjoy performing their songs with the simplest of elements, and a passionate voice? Well, I guess this is the beauty and charm of music. Dimitris Agathos is not the conventional wanna-be-a-pop-star man. He's spending hours and hours of studying the songs. Not just the technique, I should say. He's jumping into the meanings, the sentiments, the real substance of songs. In his small studio in Lamia, in his house or a lonely beach of his island, Cephalonia, he's got just a few things to make his music: His guitar, his ukulele, his mobile phone camera, and his deep sensitive voice. Well, there's another thing hidden. His soul. Just listen, and, to explore more, visit his YouTube channel:

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10. Johny Cash "Hurt"

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Discovering jewels from the past. "Hurt" by Johny Cash.

9. Chris Isaak "Wicked Game"

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A sensitive cover of a hymn for the 1990's.

8. Bring me the Horizon mashup

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Bring me the Horizon, by the sea. A storm that calms when diving into the Greek sea.

7. Slipknot "Snuff"

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Recorded inside an old house, just like in a fairytale.

6. Elvis Presley "Cant' help falling in love"

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Elvis would definitely love it. A ukulele, an empty beach, a bright smile.

5. Alter Bridge "Watch over you"

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Black is the mood of sadness, white are the wings of a guardian angel.

4. Asking Alexandria "The Black"

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"The Black" in an acoustic version.

3. A Great Big World "Say something"

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...because sometimes it takes a lot of strength to say "goodbye"

2. Coldplay "Fix You"

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Twilight softens the voice, as well as the soul. It can fix any kind of pain.

1. Ed Sheeran "Save myself"

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Well, it looks like I'm so prejudiced - I admire Ed Sheeran, but Ialso admire this cover. I think he would love it, too.

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