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How To Make Employees Mentally Alert While Meeting

Most businesses hold meetings with their employees. It is one of the best ways to deliver important information about the business and to help guide employees in their job. It can also be a powerful motivational tool. There is a catch. The only way meetings can meet the goals of the business is if employees are present and paying attention. With the growth in the use of web meetings and video conferencing, this is more difficult than ever before. That does not mean it is not possible to have attentive and engaged employees at meetings. It means businesses have to approach the meetings in the right way.

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Basic Keys for All Meetings

There are many different types of meetings a business can hold. These are some of the things that a business should do whenever they plan a meeting.

Invite the right people

The only people to invite to a meeting are the people who need to be there. Including people who do not have an interest in the information from the meeting will create unnecessary distractions.

The First Speaker is the Most Important

The person that speaks first in a meeting will set the tone for the meeting. If they are not able to engage the people in the meeting at the beginning, they will have a difficult time getting people back into the meeting later on.

Have an Agenda

Everyone attending a meeting should have a plan for the meeting, including who will speak and what topics to discuss. The meeting should stick to the agenda and not veer off into other areas.

Give People Time to Hear the Message

The pace of the meeting needs to include time for people to take notes or read any information that they have. Giving people time to do these things can help keep them focused on the meeting.

Make Sure Everyone is Prepared

Anyone that attends the meeting should be ready for it. This includes making sure they know when the meeting is scheduled, what they need to bring to the meeting and going through any important information before the meeting that will help them. The person holding the meeting also needs to prepare. They need to have a plan for any conflicts that may arise or what to do when people are losing interest. This type of planning will help a meeting go smoothly, efficiently and quickly.

Tips for Remote Meetings

Many businesses rely on technology to conduct meetings. Businesses often have remote offices or have people who telecommute. Through technology it is possible to include everyone in the meetings for the business. There are several unique challenges to these types of meetings.

Make Sure Everyone Knows About the Meeting

Letting people know when the meeting is and making sure they have access to what they need to attend the meeting is the first step to take. This goes back to the idea of preparing for the meeting. They not only need to make sure they are able to attend the meeting at the scheduled time, but they also need to have the equipment ready and working for the remote meeting.

Communicate via Video Conferencing Instead of Irritating Email

When holding web conferencing from remote locations there are a few tools to choose from. Teleconferencing over the phone is a method that business can use, but video conferencing is a much more effective tool. The addition of a video is better at engaging everyone who is attending the meeting. It also can help give people information in a form that is easier to understand.

Make Sure Everyone Pays Attention to the Meeting

One of the dangers with remote meetings is that some people will try to do more than one thing at a time. They think because they are not in the same room as the others in the meeting, they can multi-task. This is a distraction to others and could cause a person to miss out on valuable information in the meeting. There is technology available that will help monitor people during remote meetings.

Managing In-Person Meetings

The oldest forms of meeting for businesses is an in-person meeting. People come together in a meeting room where the business will pass along information. It is a tool that has worked for a long time and is still one of the most common ways for a business to keep everyone informed. In person meetings cost time and money to bring everyone together. It is important that a business gets the most out of these meetings. Consider doing some of these things.

Get Rid of Technology

People may need some technology during the meeting, but they have to use it for the right purpose. Keeping people off their smartphones and limiting the use of laptops that are not needed is a good way to keep people engaged in a meeting. Whenever possible tell people to leave their devices at their desk before they come into the meeting.

Provide Some Distractions

Although it is important to keep everyone’s attention during a meeting, there are some people who need to keep their hands busy while they listen. Fidget spinners or other similar small toys can actually help people concentrate during meetings better.

Schedule Breaks

If people sit for too long, in one place, they will stop paying attention. Depending on the length of the meeting a couple of breaks will help. Put a time limit on the breaks and adhere to that limit.

Look at the Sight Lines

Eye contact is important when engaging an audience. Whoever is speaking needs to make sure that they can keep eye contact with everyone in the room.

Make People Stand

Many meetings last only a short time. If a meeting is not going to last long, get rid of the chairs. Make everyone stand so they do not get too comfortable and can pay attention to the meeting.

There are many businesses where people dread the idea of another meeting. The main reason this happens is that of the way meetings took place in the past. A business needs to work hard to get the most out of their employees and customers. They need to keep their employees motivated. They need to make customers want to do business with them.

When it comes to holding meetings, they can serve several purposes. They can give everyone important information for the business and they can help motivate the people in the meeting to do more for the business. Businesses that know how to hold good meetings will have motivated employees and customers. The businesses that do not know how to do this will be wondering where they went wrong. Learning how to hold meetings is one way to make sure the business gets the results they want.

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