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10 Self-Destructive Habits That You Need To Get Rid Of

We all are guilty of having certain self-destructive habits that knowingly or unknowingly degrade you as a person. And this is why it is better to keep a track of all your bad habits in your quest of becoming a better person by growing each day. Here are a few positive changes that you should make in your life if you are willing to boost your personality and become responsible. Let’s check out!

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1. Eating junk food


No matter how hard it is for you to say no to pizza, you should avoid it in order to live a healthy lifestyle. This is perhaps because junk foods are generally high in calories, low in nutrients and contain harmful chemicals, which are processed and hence are definitely not good for health.

Consuming junk food regularly is one of your self-destructive habits that would lead to several chronic diseases in the long term including the likes of obesity, diabetes, nutrient deficiencies, depression and many others.

It is highly recommended to make small changes in your lifestyle in order to live a healthy life like consuming healthy food and healthy snacks and drinking plenty of water.

2. Not being careful while making friends


You might not realize, but the kind of friends you have plays a major role in deciding the extent of your happiness. Apart from family, friends are those whom you can confide in and these are the people who contribute largely towards your growth and make you a better person.

Hanging out with jealous, self-serving and manipulative people only leads to negative thinking and eventually causes a lot of stress. These people drain you out emotionally, financially and mentally which leads to self-destruction. It is thus highly recommended to hang out with good friends and live your life positively and happily.

3. Smoking


Smoking is one of the most dangerous self-destructive habits that you need to quit today itself. There are various reasons behind your urge to smoke. You might smoke to get rid of the stress and pressure due to several problems and smoking helps you to feel relaxed and energizes you when you are going through hard times, but you need to realize that sooner or later, it is harmful to your body.

It is thus highly recommended to quit smoking as soon as possible. If the whole task seems to be tough for you, you might even try switching from smoking to vaping. By doing this, you can easily control the amount of your nicotine intake and quit it slowly and gradually altogether.

4. Drugs and alcohol


You might resort to alcohol and drugs in order to relax and relieve yourself of stress. However, consuming alcohol every day in large quantities is nothing but self-destruction. There is nothing wrong in relaxing by having a glass of wine occasionally, but if you start feeling addicted to it, decode the sign and start taking appropriate steps in the right direction.

5. Not learning from mistakes


Making mistakes is a part of human nature. Everybody makes mistakes and they are forgivable but not when repetitive. Our life is too small to learn from mistakes, and thus it is highly recommended to learn from them whenever possible in order to grow yourself as a person. Take care that you accept your mistakes, instead of rationalizing them and see them as an opportunity to improve and move forward to become a better person.

6. Fear of failure


Has fear of failure overpowered you? Do you avoid taking important decisions just because of the fear of failure? Well, you might need to reconsider! Fear of failure can cause paralysis- not allowing us to do anything and preventing us from moving forward. This can be one of the self-destructive behaviors, especially for your career. It is thus highly recommended to overcome your fear by focusing on the possible potential outcomes and by learning to think positively which will help you in boosting your self-confidence. Start learning to look at the worst-case scenarios and make alternative backup plans, which would help in being confident and moving forward.

7. Bad relationships


Being in a bad relation or marrying the wrong person is one of the major self-destruction you might do to yourself. Problems in relationships with the one you care about can be really struggling. They can cause confusion, emotional strain, and doubts regarding the future of the relationship. Sometimes, these problems lead to a lot of stress and lead to depression. To come out of this, it is highly recommended to either talk to each other, or take a third person’s help (be it parents, friend or a psychologist). Take a break from each other or set up relationship goals and act accordingly. Try every possible effort to make your relationship better and to stay happy.

8. Planning for short term instead of long term


We all need immediate solutions for almost everything and hence making decisions which give solutions just for the time being may be good for the current period but it does make it hard during the long run. It is highly suggested to plan and look for long term happiness rather than focusing on short-term goals. A cigarette might satisfy for the moment but is highly dangerous in long term. You are getting the drift, right? Start a habit of making decisions keeping in mind the long-term repercussions rather than short term benefits.

9. No money management


Spending excessively on certain things and not saving enough money when you really need it is indeed one of the self-destructive habits you might need to improve on. It is highly recommended to keep a track of all your income and expenditure and allocate a fixed budget every month. Doing this would help you in spending less, thus saving a lot of money, and helping you in managing the money better.

10. Poor time management


Time management is not only for kids who are about to write their exams but plays a vital role in every aspect of your life. Understand that time does not wait for anyone. Once lost, it is lost forever. It is thus highly recommended to avoid wasting time in activities like watching too much TV, sleeping excessively, postponing activities, and the likes in order to avoid self-destruction. Learn to plan and work on conscious control over the amount of time spent on the specific activity. It is highly recommended to create an environment which contributes towards effectiveness, set up priorities and act accordingly to be productive in everything you do.

Over to You

Self-destruction is usually termed as ‘the intentional destruction of something by itself’. Speaking in the terms of human nature, we all have certain self-destructive habits which deprive ourselves of happiness we deserve either consciously or unnoticeably. In order to avoid that, make it a point to stay away from all the above-mentioned habits and make a way for a better and positive life.

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