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    Worst And Best America's Next Top Model Ranked

    Wanna be on top?

    1. Cycle 24: Worst: Christina Best: Jeana and Khrystyana Best Honorable Mention: Rio

    2. Cycle 22: Worst: Ashley Best: Nyle Best Honorable Mention: Justin

    3. Cycle 21: Worst: Adam Best: Lenox

    4. Cycle 20: Worst: Jeremy Worst Honorable Mention: Alexandra Best: Marvin

    5. Cycle 19: Worst: Jessie Best: Leila Best Honorable Mention: Nastasia

    6. Cycle 18: Worst: Kyle Best: Laura

    7. Cycle 17: Worst: Camille Best: Allison

    8. Cycle 16: Worst: Alexandria Best: Molly

    9. Cycle 15: Worst: Terra Best: Ann Best Honorable Mention: Jane

    10. Cycle 14: Worst: Anslee Best: Gabrielle

    11. Cycle 13: Worst: Ashley Best: Nicole Best Honorable Mention: Erin

    12. Cycle 12: Worst: Tahlia Best: Teyona

    13. Cycle 11: Worst: Nikeysha Best: McKey Best Honorable Mention: Marjorie

    14. Cycle 10: Worst: Amis and Whitney Best: Anya and Fatima Best Honorable Mention: Katarzyna

    Jim Deyonker / THE CW

    15. Cycle 9: Worst: Bianca Best: Heather and Jenah Best Honorable Mentions: Chantal and Lisa

    16. Cycle 8: Worst: Sarah Best: Jaslene and Renee Best Honorable Mentions: Brittany and Natasha

    17. Cycle 7: Worst: Monique Best: Eugena

    De Yonker / THE CW

    18. Cycle 6: Worst: Wendy Worst Honorable Mention: Gina Best: Dani Best Honorable Mention: Jade

    19. Cycle 5: Worst: Sarah Best: Nik Best Honorable Mention: Ebony

    20. Cycle 4: Worst: Keenyah Best: Naima

    21. Cycle 3: Worst: Norelle Worst Honorable Mentions: Ann and Leah Best: Yaya

    22. Cycle 2: Worst: Anna Best: April and Shandi

    Bill Hueberger / CBS

    23. Cycle 1: Worst: Tessa Best: Adrianne

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