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29 Things You'll Remember If You Grew Up In Wales

It's absolutely lush, Cymru.

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1. Watching S4C every day when you got home from school.

And being totally addicted to "Pobol Y Cwm", "Sali Mali", and "Jac Y Jwc".


6. Your nan calling you "cariad bach i".

<3 "My little sweetheart." <3

8. Getting really into rugby.

Which was always pretty easy because Wales are awesome. Provided we overlook Fiji 2007.


11. Except maybe her cawl.

This broth usually consists of tatties, carrot, swede, and salted beef.

12. Or her bara brith.

That's a traditional Welsh fruity loaf, which is typically served with butter.


14. That, and being able to say, "Rydw i'n hoffi coffi".

"I like coffee."

16. Going on a school trip to Castell Henllys.

And getting your face painted with your "element spirit" the Iron Age Hill Fort. Not to mention building a wall out of poo.


18. Going on day trips to Oakwood with your friends.

20. Knowing at least 10 farmers.

Who were all called Williams, Thomas, Jones, or Evans.


23. Being surrounded by mountains, sheep, and rain.

That's not just a stereotype.

24. And never living more than 75 miles from the sea.

27. And how else were you going to get to Chippy Lane in Cardiff?

28. Going on an Urdd activity camp.

And never getting tired of Llangrannog and "Hey Mistar Urdd?".

29. But most of all, knowing that the Severn Bridge toll is absolutely worth it, because there's no place like Cymru.