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    37 Things Everyone Who Went To Edinburgh University Will Remember

    From the DHT to Prow, there are just some things you'll never forget about the 'Burgh.

    1. It didn't take you long to realise that everything in Edinburgh looks like it’s from Harry Potter.

    2. Especially Teviot.

    Flickr: aigarius

    Which you know is pronounced "Tea-viot".

    3. You enjoyed countless céilidhs and Reeling Balls in your time.

    Eleri Boyesen / Buzzfeed

    4. And discovered that haggis is tasty.

    Eleri Boyesen / Buzzfeed

    You sang to it on Burns Night.

    5. Although Hogmanay was never as good as you expected.

    Walt Disney / Via

    6. You were envious of anyone who had classes in Old College.

    Flickr: paullew

    You never understood why Law got the nice building.

    7. You soon discovered that the best view of the David Hume Tower is from the inside.

    8. You went to the fourth floor of the library to socialise.

    9. And hang out with the library cat.

    10. The Hugh Robson bunker was for all nighters, even after Prow.

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    11. And you avoided King's Buildings and Easter Bush unless you absolutely had to.

    12. Your friends at home still don't understand all the Scottish words you picked up.

    BBC /

    "Och aye, I dinnae ken what youse is sayin. You're a right eedjit, shift yer bahookie!"

    13. And unlike them, you didn't have to revise over Christmas.

    14. The Big Cheese was the only place to spend a Saturday night.

    15. Hive till five. Say no more.

    16. You definitely had a 4am sit down meal at Pizza Paradise.

    Flickr: gclabaugh /Creative Commons

    17. And cured your hangover with a Snax Café fry up.

    18. Or Teviot nachos.

    19. Your flat was unbearably cold and had mice.

    Walt Disney /

    20. Pollock Halls were the best in first year.

    21. And the JMCC proved that Freshers' 15 is not a myth.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    22. In second year, you moved to Marchmont.

    23. Unless you wear red trousers. In which case you moved to New Town.

    Flickr: rma /Creative Commons

    24. You hated everyone from Napier and Heriot Watt just because.

    25. But St Andrews was the ultimate rival.

    Flickr: jamo_spingal

    They had Kate. We had Pippa.

    26. You made at least one trip to Murrayfield for the ruggers.

    Eleri Boyesen / Buzzfeed

    Only to see Scotland lose...again.

    27. Nothing beat watching the sunrise from the top of Arthur's Seat.

    Eleri Boyesen / Buzzfeed

    Not that you made it up again after Freshers' Week.

    28. Except Greyfriars Bobby. What a hero.

    29. You had loads of international friends. The American ones thought living in Edinburgh was like living in a fairytale.

    Which it basically was.

    30. You got approximately four days of sunshine a year.

    Eleri Boyesen / Buzzfeed

    31. Which you spent on the Meadows drinking beers and enjoying a BBQ.

    32. Obviously you Instagrammed the blossom.

    33. No one visited during term, but everyone asked if you had a spare room during the Fringe.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    34. Which, incidentally, made you go without sleep for a month.

    Walt Disney / Via

    35. You graduated in McEwan Hall.

    Flickr: davidgilmour

    And actually looked at the paintings on the wall, which you couldn’t do during your exams.

    36. After graduation, you finally got to go to the castle.

    37. And you doubt you could have studied in a prettier place.

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