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20 Reasons Why I Love "Game Of Thrones"

Because this show is much more than what you think!

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1. The intro


The intro of Game of Thrones is possibly the only intro you get to sing and dance to so passionately. The epic music combined with the great graphics make the best TV show intro ever!

2. The complexity of the characters

Every character has an intricate personality with different aspects, no matter if they have a major role or not. There is not someone who is purely good or purely evil and this is the most interesting!

3. The unpredictability

The fact that you don't know what is coming next is one of the key strenghts of the series. You don't know what's in store for your favourite characters (major or minor), you don't know how it'll end. And even though it hurts, Game of Thrones wouldn't be the same without this unpredictability.

5. The diversity of the characters

Game of Thrones depicts among others, characters with physical and mental problems and how they manage to surpass them or not. This diversity makes the characters even more interesting.

10. The realistic (as much as it can be) world

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The world of Game of Thrones is definitely not the one of fairytales. There is cruelty and violence and death. Anyone can die at any time! This brings it closer to the reality and makes it more interesting and relatable.

11. The connection with history


Many Game of Thrones aspects are based on historical events, such as the War of the Roses, the position of certain rulers, some inventions (such as liquid fire) etc.

13. The magic and time-travelling aspects

Here, I'm referring mostly to Bran. His warging and time-travelling capabilities are so exciting (and a bit confusing at the same time), especially in the last episodes. Waiting for more!

14. The religions

It is very interesting to get to know the religions of a fantasy world. It is even more interesting to have a variety of them, with different characteristics and values: The Faith of the Seven, the Old Gods, R'hllor, the Drowned God etc.

15. The beautiful places


Westeros and Essos. From the Dothraki Sea to north of the Wall the places are wonderful. Awe-inspiring cities, majestic castles, mysterious caves, beautiful rivers, compelling views. They are all magical!

16. The costumes and the hairstyles

The costumes of Game of Thrones are much more than what reaches the eye. They are products of great work, whether they look simple or not. We often don't get to see all the details. These costumes are purely works of art! Of course, it goes without saying that the same applies to all these intricate hairstyles as well!

18. The cast


The cast of Game of Thrones consists of many outstanding actors and actresses, some of which were unveiled by the show itself. The cast is very united, we are lucky enough to get to see them together having fun and some of them are best friends!

19. The theories


Due to the complexity and unpredictability of the show, there are now so many fan theories about a variety of characters and things that are possibly going to happen. Who is Azor Ahai? How is the show going to end? Sometimes the theories turn out to be true, sometimes not. Either way it is fascinating to read them or even make them!

20. The books


George R. R. Martin's "A song of ice and fire" is the book series where "Game of Thrones", as a TV show, is based. The books are gripping and they contain many exciting events and storylines that unfortunately weren't included in the show. Definitely worth reading!

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