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After The Hot Chaiwala, It Seems Like Women Go Crazy After South Asian Men...

And my new discovery just proves my point...

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Have you ever thought that a Facebook profile may be fake? Maybe because that person might look too handsome, to the point of almost looking like a model out of a fashion magazine? Shockingly, I discovered someone with the looks of a model. His name is Faisal Shahzad and he is Pakistani.

Yes. That is him, alright.

Yes. That is him, alright.

Since the Pakistani Chaiwala guy, I have found myself wondering why women swoon over South Asian men. It's the exotic aura they carry with them which makes them even more appealing. And that is how I felt when I met Faisal. His appearance alone could make any woman gaze at him for hours...

Had the fortune to meet him in person as well... A nutritionist whose goal is to help others become healthy and energetic. Although one might think that a man as handsome as he might be extremely confident and flirty, he is the exact opposite. He is shy and polite, gentle, and sincere.

So, buzzfeed ladies... What do you think??

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