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    So All Your Friends Are Having Babies? You Should Probably Know About These Super Cute Booties

    Zutano's Fleece Booties are the sweetest kicks out there for a baby just trying to survive on these streets.

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    If you're of a certain age, chances are all your friends (or even you) are popping out kiddos — what were once wild Friday nights downing vodka sodas have slowly become early Saturday mornings filled with strollers and a lot of coffee.

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    I'm here to tell you not to fight it! Embrace it! Trust me. You'll love not being hungover and you'll get so much more done during your day.

    If this sounds like you, you need to know about these teeny tiny fleece booties that babies just won't shut up about.,

    Promising review: "I bought them because I hate keeping track of a million little socks with all my being, but the grief you get as a mother from nosy old ladies for not putting socks on your baby is over-the-top and guilt producing, so I was searching for a cozy solution that wouldn't get lost too easily. These have kept her feet happy and warm. She has even worn them on escapades into the yard and onto the pavement, but really, only rain is their enemy. Even then, she didn't mind they were wet, and our pair have been tossed into the washing machine many, many times. Now that she's almost two, she still adores wearing them, though her feet barely fit and there are holes in the heels." —DoulaAmy

    Zutano's Cozie Fleece Booties are the delicate cushions babies need in their lives — they come in a range of colors, in sizes 0-18 months, and they have two securing snaps so no more missing socks cluttering up random sidewalks.


    "Love, love, love these booties. They stay on wiggly newborn feet much better than socks. My 3-week-old is 10 lbs., 22 in., and about to grow out of the smallest size already but he has worn them almost every day since he was born. He is kind of a big guy and growing faster than the curve though so I bet most newborns would fit the smallest size longer than that." —mbenson2376

    Did you hear that? No. More. Missing. Socks. Finally, you can imagine a world not littered with rogue multi-colored cartoon themed footwear!

    "These are hands-down our favorite booties! We have a sock-eating dog and our baby tends to like to pull off his socks and suck on them in the car (gross!). These booties are the best solution. We were gifted a pair at our baby shower, and we've since bought three more pairs in larger sizes as our baby has grown. Although our 9-month-old is wearing the 18-month size, he is also wearing 18-month clothes so I feel like the size is about right. I only wish they also made more cotton versions for warmer months!" —Whitney

    They're made of a machine washable cotton blend and an ultra-soft fleece lining that contours to their feet and will surely keep those tiny piggies warm all the way to market.,

    "Absolutely loved these for my newborn. Debating buying a pair in every size! They are soo soft, look just like the picture, and don't fall off like normal socks would. Our little one got so many compliments because of how cute they are!" —Patricia L. Barnoskie

    Plus, they're so teeny tiny and little and adorable!! Why are baby shoes so cute?

    "These make my already super cute daughter even cuter. They are easier to put on than socks and are a little warmer. It's important to wash these though because even though babies are cute, they will sweat and sweat will stink if it's not washed. I will be buying all of the next sizes up for my daughter and will be looking for an adult size for myself." —Herman

    They're also HUGELY popular! Over 2,700 people have given these bad boys a five-star rating on Amazon.


    "They are the perfect bootie, everyone I come in contact with LOVES them. I've had so many mothers purchase them after seeing my son wear them. They have two snaps so they stay on snug and don't fall off. A lot better than a lot of the booties on the market. They are great with socks too, extra warmth and keep the socks right on those little tootsies (I bet you can relate how annoying little socks are)! Highly recommend!" —S. Bonaventure

    Honestly, you should probably buy them bulk for every baby shower, birthday, favorite kiddo, or if you're lucky enough to be expecting a little bundle of your own.

    "These slippers are very soft. Purchased as part of a gift for an expecting couple. They loved them. The slippers have two snap positions to secure to babies feet. I wish I would have found this with my newborns. They would continuously lose their socks/slippers from those tiny feet. I recommend these slippers." —Angelique D

    Seriously, buy them! The parents, babies, and international missing sock foundations will thank you for this generous gift.

    "I bought these for my daughter after I bought them for my nephew and discovered they were the only shoes that stayed on his feet! Soft, washable, and easy snaps keep them on your little ones. Tons of colors to select from too!" —HNewman

    Check out all the sizes and colors available on Amazon starting at just under $11.


    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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