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29 Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Avocados

If they were guac, you'd pay extra

1. A pin so they can show how avocados are close to their heart.

2. A pair of pajamas that'll let them curl up in their favorite food.

3. A cookbook to show them all the ways they can enjoy this savory fruit.

4. Some socks so they can celebrate their love from their mouth to their toes.

5. A pin to wear as a badge of honor.

6. A planter so that they never have to worry about a shortage.

7. This beanie to give them warmth and pride.

8. A shirt that celebrates their religion.

9. An ornament because every season, even the holiday season, is avocado season.

10. Some skin masks so they can add their favorite food to their beauty routine.

11. A pair of espadrilles that'll add a little guac to their step.

12. This handbag that they can use to carry their money... or their avocados... or both.

13. This mug so they can update their profile.

14. This avocado oil so they can soak in all the goodness.

15. Some wrapping paper so they'll be the most excited about opening your gift.

16. A sweatshirt that shows they're committed to a guac lifestyle, even if it costs extra.

17. The perfect spoon to use when they enjoy their perfect snack.

18. A plush toy to hold when they need some avocado love.

19. A hand mirror so they can see the amazing glow those antioxidants are giving them.

20. A dish towel to help clean up the mess after they've devoured an avocado.

21. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that'll help them remove the pit and skin and not waste a single bit.

22. A shirt that expresses how special they are to you and how special avocados are to them.

23. A keychain so they'll never forget their keys again.

24. A phone cover so that it's *also* protected with the nutrients of an avocado.

25. A toy for Fido because dogs also love the deliciousness of the avocado.

26. A pair of earrings that are almost as delicate as avocados.

27. A sticker so their computer can fight away any viruses.

28. A baseball cap that'll protect them from the rays and the pits.

29. And the perfect card for the holiday season.

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