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    41 Things That’ll Make You Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

    No, but seriously. Why don't you?

    1. A ruched crew-neck T-shirt dress that'll look amazing dressed up with heels or down with your favorite sneakers.

    2. A revolutionary little crepe maker that works by dipping it into the batter — it's so hot that a thin layer of batter can stick instantly!

    3. A very handy manual filled with all the symptoms, diseases, and ailments you already know you have — now you'll just have a name for them.

    4. An ingrown toenail treatment to help deal with the unsightliness and uncomfortableness caused by excessive nail curvature — it's actually a little brace that you apply across your nail, it acts as a spring and applies a gentle force to help straighten the nail and alleviate the pressure from the side of the toenail.

    5. A discrete silicone anti-slip eyeglass retainer you simply attach to the arms of your glasses so that you can stop the struggle of them sliding down your nose.

    6. A container of Thayers medicated pads already drenched in their skin-relieving and pore-restricting witch hazel formula so your skincare routine can be that much easier.

    7. A machine-washable seamless and wireless Hanes bra that has a very comfortable four-way stretch fabric, adjustable straps, and is totally tag-free.

    8. An adorable ruffled mini dress designed in a light material and with a sweetheart neckline making it perfect for summer.

    9. An amazing all-purpose cleaner that's most effective at helping you clean those disgusting messes you've managed to get the inside of your car into.

    10. A nourishing and conditioning nail strengthening cream designed to help prevent splits, chips, peels, and cracks while helping them grow by using ingredients like calcium, vitamins, and hydrogenated jojoba oil.

    11. A very informative relationship guide so that the love between you and your house plants can flourish — literally.

    12. A pack of melatonin, 5-HTP, and GABA filled Dream Water packets that are said to help promote sleep and relaxation at bedtime.

    13. An adjustable strap, open-back midi dress so pretty it's obviously a gift from the heavens — they even put a bow on it.

    14. A stainless steel stirring spoon that'll puuurrfectly perch itself right on the side of your mug.

    15. A delightful bilingual Lil' Libros picture game designed to be a kid-friendly version of Mexican Loteria and help your kiddo master a second language.

    16. A titanium 540 .25" microneedle derma roller designed to reduce the size of pores, fine lines, acne scars, and wrinkles — just gently roll it across the skin to help stimulate rejuvenation and exfoliate.

    17. A very handy guide book to work out all of life's problems — all of them.

    18. A layered ruffle off-the-shoulder midi dress perfect for all those summer weddings, garden parties, events, whatever — I don't know your life.

    19. A set of dishwasher-safe silicone straws for anyone who wants to get into the reusable straw movement but just loves chewing on them too much to use stainless-steel.

    20. A straight-up magical oil stain remover capable of getting the toughest, baked-on grease stains out of your concrete floors and driveways.

    21. A shatterproof silicone Beautyblender protective case that'll make traveling with your favorite makeup accessory that much easier — plus it's ventilating so your sponges can dry and it's big enough to hold up to two damp Beautyblenders.

    22. A charming 100% cotton dish towel you'll need now tonight, and you'll need it more than ever — if only you'd held that jar tight you'd be holding on forever.

    23. A stretchy romper bodysuit that'll be a great layering piece for all your summer dresses, oversized sweatshirts, or skirts.

    24. A gorgeous Blanca pin to gift to all seven of your lil' dwarves.

    25. An adorable elephant wallet for anyone who is always forgetting theirs at home.

    26. A stainless-steel dumpling maker you could probably also use to make delicious mini empanadas.

    27. A desktop Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy. Hi. I'm Elena, President and CEO of Elena's Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy Emporium and Warehouse. Thanks to a shipping error, I am now currently overstocked on Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guys and I'm passing the savings on to yoooou!

    28. A sexy little polka-dot summer dress designed with a V-neck and a ruffled slit to help make your next date night hot, hot, hot whatever the temps.

    29. A concentrated foot cream capable of turning your cracked, dry heels into the softest skin you've ever known.

    30. A pair of leopard print cotton socks for when you feel like taking a walk on the wild side but you don't want your toes to be cold.

    31. An oversized cropped sweatshirt designed with a fun little drawstring at the waist so you can get the perfect fit.

    32. A copy of Dr. Seuss' greatest work What Pet Should I Get? — because it gives the right answers to what is really life's most important question.

    33. A water flosser you can attach to your shower head so you never have to leave a flooded mess all over your bathroom — now it can all be done in the shower!

    34. A comfy printed T-shirt with your favorite proverb scrolled across the chest — you're just out here doing the Lord's work.

    35. A ruffled flowy smocked-bust midi dress to give your summer wardrobe a classic look in the most comfortable way.

    36. An adjustable life vest for your precious furry baby shark.

    37. A retinol-infused night cream designed to gently reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even out skin texture and tone.

    38. A set of perfectly coordinated coordinated books that'll help make your shelves look like they belong in the pages of an interior design magazine.

    39. A super cute Boho-inspired flare dress designed with a ruffled waist, hidden zipper, and double tie straps — just make sure to wear sunblock the day you frolick around town in this number.

    40. A set of stainless steel and glass soap dispensers to really class up the inside of your shower. And they're super easy to refill!

    41. And a wall-mounted Dyson hairdryer holder, because if you're lucky enough to have the best blow dryer out there* you have to buy it a home too!

    How I'm justifying buying everything on this list:

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