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What Products Would You Recommend To Make Any Parent's Life Easier?

Parenting doesn't come with a cheatsheet, so let's create one!

Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and terrifying experiences some will ever experience.


Without any real training you're now responsible for this tiny human life in addition to, like, all the other stuff being an adult requires, like paying bills and getting to work on time.


It can be very overwhelming.

But as you go along, the stress subsides and you discover an encyclopedia of amazing products, tips, and tricks to make being a parent a total breeze. And we want to know them!

Like that time you solved all your babies stuffy nose woes with the NoseFrida.

Or that time you prevented a massacre of baby food with a scoop bib you randomly discovered.

How about that wipe heater you didn't think you needed?

Well, we want to know all of it! What parenting products and advice have helped mold you into the awesome parent you are?

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Share your favorites in the comments below and your suggestion may appear in a BuzzFeed article!