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27 Weird AF Kitchen Products You Didn't Know Existed

They make carrot sharpeners. Why?

1. This bottle topper that gives you a nice steady stream on your condiments.

2. These urinal shot glasses that will get you piss drunk.

3. This carrot sharpener that's here to sharpen your flavors.

4. This egg separator that's probably one of the worst ways to make breakfast.

5. This set of finger sporks for an eating challenge.

6. This pickle picker to pick your pickled peppers playfully.

7. This ham dogger to turn any meat into a hot dog.

8. This salt and pepper set that's makin' bacon.

9. This plunger wine stopper that does just the opposite and clogs up your bottles.

10. This spider mug so your guests will never ask for coffee when they're over.

11. This Beer Vibrator to give your beer that satisfying head.

12. This bubble wrap oven mitt with the right amount of tactile feels.

13. This vertical egg cooker to make what looks like an egg dildo.

14. This flower pot prop that spins when the heat is on.

15. This dinosaur masher that's sure to make potatoes scream out in terror.

16. These cockroach printed sandwich bags to keep people from eating your stuff and probably talking to you for the rest of the day.

17. This egg cuber to add some dimension to your eggs.

18. This toothpick holder that's pretty fucking brutal.

19. This citrus reamer that looks like some terrible alien probe.

20. This decanter that's like a glass Boa constrictor.

21. This car-like garlic chopper that destroys its clove passengers the more you drive.

22. This hot dog curler to spiral up anything sausage-shaped.

23. This citrus squeezer that's here to abduct all of our lemons.

24. This alli-grater that seems like a great grater.

25. This snap-on beer pourer to make canned beer taste like it's from the tap.

26. This banana injector so you can have every bite be an adventure in flavor.

27. And this duck carcass presser to squeeze out all those precious juices from their dead bodies to use in ~sauces~.

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