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    We Tried One Size Fits All Underwear — And The Results Were Actually Pretty Great

    Body types are too diverse, too different for one item to comfortably fit all of us — or so I thought.

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    I don't think any of us ever heard the term, "one-size-fits-all" and thought it actually would.

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    So when we saw a pair of undies boasting an ability to fit comfortably on a variety of body types, regardless of size — we decided to put them to the test.


    Chantelle Soft Stretch Full Briefs claim to fit a range of women's sizes from XS to 4X, are designed in a seamless modest rise with smooth edges (so no panty lines), and are made of a stretchy microfiber with a cotton gusset.

    A variety of models wearing the underwear

    The results of our testing? Actually, kinda great! We had testers ranging in sizes up to 18 and they bared it all on camera to show us just how these briefs fit them.


    Nearly every tester highlighted how comfy they were, how they didn't move around while being worn, and how **shockingly** great they fit.


    It's really no surprise tho, seeing how these undies are already pretty popular, with hundreds of glowing reviews at nearly every retailer they're sold at.


    "Bought a pair of these in a department store and love them. Wanted more! Was surprised they fit my size (16) as they didn't look like they would fit on my thigh but it's a super stretchy fabric. Light as air, wash well (just toss them in a mesh laundry bag with all my other duds). No panty lines!!!! If you're looking for support or shaping these are not the undies for that but they're the closest thing to commando you'll find." —amrobida

    "I am 5'4", 115 lbs., and in pants/panties range in sizes between an XS and M. I have a smaller waist, wide hips, and thicker buns/thighs making it hard for me to commit to a size. These are great because they are full coverage and stay in place. When I lose a little weight (down to 110) or gain a little weight (up to 120) they fit the same and are VERY soft and comfortable. They are thin and go under anything without causing bunching. I've gotten 20 pairs, they are all I wear." —Stefanie H.

    Plus, if you're worried about them fitting — they actually come in TWO one-size-fits-all options.


    One that fits 1X–4X for $18+ and another that fits XS–XL for $20, both available in a variety of colors on Amazon.

    And get your pair of the Chantelle Soft Stretch Full Briefs from Amazon, Bare Necessities, or Nordstrom for $20.

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