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    We Tested Out Vibrators To See How They Changed Our Moods

    In the morning, at night, and even while hungover β€” can a vibrator make you feel better?

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    I don't think it would surprise anyone that maybe using a vibrator might just help elevate your mood β€” but we wanted to put it to the test to double-check and precisely identify if using a vibrator would help us wake up in the morning, sleep better, and maybe even cure the symptoms of a wicked hangover.

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    So my colleague Merle consulted her sex therapist and then went to Bellesa to order a few "essentials" for this scientific* experiment.


    *When I say scientific I really mean, just Merle testing out vibrators on herself.

    Specifically, she ordered four magnificent little gadgets:

    The Satisfyer Pro 2 β€” designed with a custom-built silicone head that surrounds your clit while delivering a slight suction and waves of vibrations. Plus, it has a powerful but fairly quiet motor.

    BuzzFeed, Bellesa

    Promising review: "Holy better life Batman. I love this toy. I haven't had it long but it's already my new favorite way to get off (sorry to my partner)! I love all the different levels it has and did I mention how long the battery life is yet? A huge plus for me. Still learning what my body likes and how to orgasm but I have a feeling this will get me there. Would recommend it to anyone." β€”E

    Price: $59

    The Air by Bellesa which has a Cinetic Suction Pleasure Jet to deliver your G-spot 10 modes of vibration and suction.

    Bellesa, BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I can’t even begin to tell y’all how amazing this is. I have had vibrators before but no other one compares to the Air. The suction stimulator feels absolutely amazing. I am so happy I pulled the trigger and bought the Air. It is worth every penny and I am a Bellesa customer for life." β€”Allison

    Price: $99

    The Dea by Bellesa that has two motors and seven vibration modes to help maximize both G-spot and clit stimulation β€” plus it has ergonomically rounded surfaces.

    The Dea by Bellesa in black

    Promising review: "I have no words. Like none. This is the most delicious and luscious toy. Silky silicone. Delicious vibes. Strong build and the colors that change on the side when you change vibration speed and patterns. Wonderful for pinpoint pleasure or exploring new zones." β€”Haley Hasen

    Price: $119

    And our very own collab The BuzzFeed AirVibe combines a G-spot vibrator and Bellesa's Cinetic Suction 2.0 Technology to give you 10 vibration modes and five clit suction intensities.


    Promising review: "I bought this hearing all the great reviews and I was eager to try it. I loved the packaging and the colors, beautifully made. Decided to use it before my morning shower and get the day going. Once I pressed on, not even three minutes in and my eyes ROLLED, knees BUCKLED, and I had to catch myself. I held in what could've been a loud scream...OMG! I managed to somehow get it off and laughed so hard because had I not, orgasms would've kept coming. This thing is powerful and magical!! Best purchase of my life." β€”DJ

    Price: $59

    In the end, Merle noticed that her energy levels were up and that falling asleep was easier after using one of her newfound BFFs.


    BUT she did say that while they offered some immediate relief for a hangover they weren't a cure-all for the aches from imbibing a little too much. I mean, they already give us so much β€” let's not expect them to turn water into wine too.

    Long story short, check out Bellesa to find a toy that might just work for you!