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    We Had 10 People Style A Basic Hoodie And The Results Were Anything But

    Who knew a hoodie could be business casual?

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    I have probably worn a hoodie every day, at some point in the day, for the last...what feels like 800 years. I'm wearing one now, I will wear one tomorrow, and I will probably be buried in one.

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    So when I saw that the latest installment of 10 People Style was passing out hoodies, I had to see where these folks would take my favorite everyday essential.

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    They started with the Gildan Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt, which I happen to own in four different colors — it's super soft, roomy, and just the kind of thing you can curl up in when you're on your 18th hour of King of the Hill BUT it's also, just a freakin' sweatshirt.

    A model wearing the sweatshirt in gray.

    I own it in sport gray, indigo blue, black, and military green — and rotate those four on a pretty frequent basis, wearing them with leggings (almost 100% of the time) to lay around, go grocery shopping, and even to go "running" (I put that in quotes only because my version of running includes about 90% walking).

    I will say, it is a pretty popular sweatshirt with nearly 23,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. Twenty. Three. Thousand. It honestly might be the most popular hoodie on the internet., Amazon

    "I would like to say that this hoodie was the most comfortable and warmest hoodie I've ever owned. Unfortunately, that mysterious and alluring creature known as My Girlfriend (We'll call her MG for short) has once again used her powers of charm and grace to acquire it into her collection — yet another item of clothing which belonged to me for at least five minutes. Judging from the chirping and purring sounds MG tends to make when curled up in my hoodie (think the sound of a cat when it's laying on your nice warm laptop keyboard, preventing you from getting your work done) I'm going to have to guess that the hoodie is every bit as warm and comfortable as I can, at this point, only imagine it to be. That being said (and because MG has an exceptionally strong ability to snatch only the best quality clothes from my closet to add to her hoard) I can without conviction recommend this particular item if you're looking for a comfortable and warm hoodie for your significant other to never let you wear. I guess I can order another one. Maybe in a color that MG does not like??" —AngryK9

    "It's hard to find a hoodie that fits just right, roomy enough not to feel constrained but also not too frumpy or oversized. I'm usually caught somewhere between medium and large, and in this case the medium is perfect. I chose the 'antique sapphire' color because I liked the slight black flecking/heathering amid the blue, and it looks great. Quality is good for an inexpensive sweatshirt. The material is also softer than you usually get at this price point. This is one of those 'I know I like it and will buy a bunch of other colors' purchases." —Brian W.

    "Simple, comfortable, light but thick enough for slight cold days. It's perfect for the gym or in my case, whenever... I would buy this again and will." —Parker

    But legit, it's a basic sweatshirt. No bells and whistles, no fancy logos, no matching biker shorts — I repeat, just a sweatshirt. So how could this possibly be styled?


    It does come in 31 colors and a bunch of sizes (men's S–5XL to be exact) but for the purpose of this video, they went with the basic gray. Yes, basic gray!!

    "It’s a basic hoodie that fits great." —Mark

    Well, folks. As per usual I have been proven to know nothing. What started out as a basic sweatshirt became a lesson in DIYing and accessorizing that I've never seen the likes of.


    My newfound style icons did everything from paint, draw, crop, to layer, and tuck this classic hoodie.


    One person even tye-died it!!


    Some testers kept it classic while others made me think I should wear a hoodie to my next business casual event.


    Seriously, check out everything they were able to do with a sweatshirt you probably already have in your closet.

    View this video on YouTube


    And if you don't (or could maybe use a fresh one) make sure to grab the Gildan Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt from Amazon for $11+ (available in men's sizes S–5XL and in 31 colors).


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