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    41 Ways To Make Traveling So Much Less Stressful

    Planes, trains, or automobiles — it doesn't matter as long as you get there totally relaxed.

    1. Never have that "Did I forget something?" feeling again with a handy packing-list pad that'll have you checking off everything before you leave.

    2. Carry a twistable memory-foam travel pillow you can mold and shape into whatever form you need to stay comfy.

    3. Worried about crying babies or chatty neighbors? Try a pair of noise-canceling headphones designed with super-soft ear cuffs, Bluetooth capability, and a backup cord — just in case they use up all the juice mid-flight.

    4. On that note, make sure your phone is always charged by packing a portable power bank that holds enough power to charge your phone two times.

    5. Keep your luggage organized with a set of packing cubes capable of sectioning off and holding so much stuff, so that your suitcase is never an absolute mess.

    6. Carry everything you'll need while you're exploring in a waterproof, anti-theft nylon backpack that's perfect for traveling — it has two exterior zipper pockets, two exterior side pockets, a main pocket, two interior pockets, and an interior back zipper pocket, along with two adjustable long shoulder straps, a detachable hand strap, and single-shoulder strap.

    7. Use a digital luggage scale to weigh your big ol' bag before you're at the check-in counter and avoid that bajillion-dollar overweight luggage fee.

    8. Keep your passport protected in a chic embossed leather passport holder that might just help you get you that upgrade you've always dreamed about.

    9. Splurge on a Airfly wireless transmitter designed to let you connect your Airpods or any wireless headphones to all those things that don't have Bluetooth — like an airplane seat!!

    10. Prevent tangled earbuds while you're jet-setting with a handmade leather cord organizer.

    11. Or get a pair of wearable headphones that wrap around your wrist, so you'll make sure you don't lose them.

    12. Don't stress about how you'll charge your devices when you're traveling overseas — just get a universal adapter that allows you to plug in anywhere in the world.

    13. Get a reversible vegan-leather travel tote to hold everything you might need at a moment's notice — or in the event your luggage doesn't make it.

    14. And consider a multi-pocketed handbag organizer to help you keep your purse from turning said tote into a black pit of despair.

    15. Don't do the walk of shame off the plane with your shoes in hand: Avoid foot swelling with a pair of compression socks.

    16. Forget your makeup bag and just bring along a genius little Pocket Palette — it includes mascara, BB cream, and blush/lip tint that'll have you looking fly without having to carry everything.

    17. Keep all the documents handy in a tri-fold wallet designed with plenty of space — making for a super-easy check-in.

    18. Attach an adjustable footrest to the seat in front of yours to help turn your seat in steerage into first-class accommodations.

    19. Invest in a collapsible water bottle you can take through security empty, fill up at a water fountain, and have enough water to stay hydrated throughout the flight.

    20. Stay warm with an ultra light-weight puffer jacket you can easily roll up and stuff into your carry on.

    21. Try a pair of no-tie elastic laces designed to make taking off and putting on your shoes a breeze — you'll be the envy of the security line.

    22. If you're short on space, try a washable and inflatable headrest you can roll up and store away — no more pillow necklaces for you, only diamond ones from now on.

    23. Bring a blanket scarf to stay warm and cozy without having to carry around a bulky blanket — or beg the flight attendants for one.

    24. Or if you wanna get real fancy, get an investment-worthy cashmere travel set so you can sleep in the lap of luxury while you're cramped in a middle seat.

    25. Store your cords, chargers, flash drives, and cables neat and tangle-free in a water-resistant travel organizer.

    26. Get a T-Mobile Magenta plan that includes international texting and data in over 210 countries (without having to call ahead, it just works when you get there) and gives you free texting and an hour of data on any flights with Gogo — plus your phone works just like normal in Mexico and Canada.

    27. Protect your stuff in a water-resistant backpack designed with a USB charging port, more than a dozen pockets in multiple sizes, and an anti-theft lock.

    28. If you do a ton of traveling, chances are you probably spend a fair amount of time in rental cars; bring a universal air-vent magnetic car mount that'll hold your cell phone while you're driving and using it to navigate.

    29. Never miss out on complimentary snacks, drinks, and food again with a blackout sleeping mask that'll let the flight attendants know they shouldn't pass you up during meal service — because once they do, good luck getting them to come back.

    30. If you know you'll be airborne for a while, pack some soothing and refreshing body wipes for that I-just-showered feeling after an all-night flight.

    31. Keep it comfy and totally clean with a machine-washable neck pillow that's soft and flexible to not only fit you perfectly but fit into any tiny space you have available.

    32. Hit the ground running with a pack of homeopathic tablets to help you combat the fatigue and stress overwhelming your body after a long journey.

    33. Bring along a pack of gentle Purell wipes to disinfect your hands *and* table tray (you'll never regret it).

    34. Help your tired eyes feel refreshed and enriched after an exhausting journey with collagen-infused under-eye masks.

    35. Transition from sleeping on your flight to sprinting to catch your connection straight to a first-class upgrade with a comfortable pair of leggings.

    36. Always have a charging cord on hand with this discreet leather keychain that has a USB and lightning plug (for iPhones) hidden within its tassels.

    37. If you're traveling with a kiddo who might need a fresh diaper at some point, try a portable changing station, which unfolds to give you a clean space.

    38. And avoid having to measure out formula with a storage container designed with removable dividers so you can have up to three feedings all figured out.

    39. Keep your valuables in a travel jewelry box with velvet lining and removable dividers that'll let you store all your accessories conveniently en route to your destination.

    40. Carry filling snacks, like Larabars, so you aren't hangry upon arriving at your destination.

    41. And avoid waiting in security and customs lines by signing up for Global Entry. You'll have to fill out an in-depth application and have an in-person interview, but once approved you'll be able to bypass all those dreaded security lines.

    Bon voyage, everyone!

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