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    23 Ways To Make Getting Dressed In The Morning So Much Easier

    Organize, plan, and get out the door on time.

    1. Plan your OOTDs on Sundays! Use a separate clothing rack to hang up all the pieces you'll wear throughout the week.

    2. Get a bust form to make planning your looks a little easier.

    3. Or use Finery to create your very own Clueless closet, so you can get help planning outfits and searching through all your wardrobe from your computer.

    4. Declutter and organize your closet. Having less of the things you don't wear filling up it up will make searching through your favorite pieces a little more manageable on a hectic morning.

    5. Store the clothing and shoes you aren't wearing that season...no need to waste time searching through items that you can't wear in that weather.

    6. On tougher mornings, wear "easy" outfits, like a T-shirt and jeans, that require little or no accessories and less effort.

    7. Nothing will slow down your morning more than having to pull out the ironing board. Iron, steam, and make any other needed alterations the night before.

    8. Don't forget to delint and defuzz all of the pieces you plan on wearing.

    9. Store your jewelry in an easy-to-access organizer that keeps your bling visible and separated. It'll prevent you from having to untangle and scavenge when you're short on time.

    10. Keep your watch, phone, keys, and everything else you need right by the door in a catch-all tray, so you're not searching for those last minute essentials.

    11. Get an automated coffee maker that'll have your morning fix ready for you before you even open your closet doors.

    12. Always think of the rule of three when you're trying to figure out what to wear.

    13. Keep your closet organized. Nothing makes finding what to wear easier than having easy access to your clothes.

    14. On that note, keep your *drawers* organized for quick and easy access so you don't end up wasting precious moments searching for those black socks, nude undies, or the right kind of bra.

    15. Store your shoes in one easy-to-search location so you're not tripping over them and running through your apartment doing the one heel trot.

    16. Keep your coats, jackets, and outwear in a separate closet, or area, to make it easier to grab them as you run out for the day.

    17. Have all your handbags neatly stored in your closet with a purse organizing hanger.

    18. Avoid changing out your purses every day by getting a really great tote that fits every item you could possibly need and goes with (practically) your entire wardrobe.

    19. Or if you must, carry all your essentials in pouches that you can transfer from bag to bag.

    20. You could also try a bag organizer that pops out to fit most of your purses and keeps everything organized.

    21. Create a uniform by filling your wardrobe with pieces that you can easily mix and max.

    22. And invest in some really solid staples you can wear a million different ways.

    23. And rely on dresses because they require one less item for you to have to pick out. It makes a difference!

    Now you'll always know where your white, collarless shirt from Fred Segal is.