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    35 Ways To Give Your Work Attire Some Personality

    Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch.

    1. Experiment with the padded headband trend that'll have you looking like royalty while you sit in your cube.

    2. Change up your normal opaque tights with beautifully patterned fishnets that are still conservative enough for a workplace but lively enough to give your look some personality.

    3. If you're tired of your plain old white blouse, try a meowvelous collared button-up with just enough attitude so you can stroll into work an hour late, knock over people's things, and not lose an ounce of confidence.

    4. Stock up on velvet camis for when you need something ultra-soft but also totally badass to layer under your fave blazer.

    5. And layer a dazzling jeweled bib necklace over your favorite button-up — it'll especially help dress up a chambray blouse.

    6. Have some fun with unique prints like this bow-tie sleeve-less blouse designed with an adorable raccoon print because sometimes work is trash.

    7. Dazzle up your basic, hum-drum blazer with a sparkling set of safety-pin brooches.

    8. Or have some fun with a sparkling karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon brooch, because you come and go, you come and go from one pointless meeting to another.

    9. Bring in a pop of color with a sturdy casual belt that will, quite literally, pull your look together.

    10. Make getting dressed in the morning that much easier with boldly printed wide-leg cropped pants — they're comfy and super easy to throw on any day of the week.

    11. Try a vibrant shimmering stone ring to help bring a little color to your keyboard while you type your daily "per my previous..." email.

    12. And while we're talking jewelry, an attention-worthy pair of beaded statement earrings can help bring some life the party — the conference-call party.

    13. Try a mock-turtle neck chiffon blouse that's versatile enough for those days that continue well after you leave the office.

    14. Easily bring a little life to your pantsuit with colorful and uniquely printed socks. They'll peep out of our favorite loafers or botties without being too ostentatious.

    15. Don't shy away from an eye-catching shift dress (that'll quite literally have all eyes on you) — you can pair it with your favorite tights or cigarette trousers for a more conservative office look.

    16. Play with a set of adorable hair clips which can upgrade your 'do but also serve as a great way to keep your hair out of your face.

    17. Try a dinomite statement necklace that just may prevent you from going extinct from sheer boredom during your next meeting.

    18. Walk on the wild side with a pair of subtle but delightful high heels as an alternative to your basic old pumps — the playful bow is a nice detail that can also be hidden with a pair of longer trousers.

    19. Stay warm during the arctic AC months with a boldly printed linen-blend cardigan you can curl right into without too much bulk.

    20. If you want to add a layer of detail but none of the bulk, get an embellished detachable collar designed to perfectly pop out of your favorite sweaters.

    21. Or try an embroidered chiffon dicky, because as we all know, birds of a feather...end up on your collar.

    22. If pricey jewelry is just out of your budget, consider buying a glistening 18k gold plated adjustable ring that looks way more expensive then the price tag suggests and can help bring a little glam to your office look.

    23. Add just enough preppy to your office OOTD with adorable embellished bow pins that I am certain Blair Waldorf would approve of.

    24. Try an elegant and eye-catching scarf versatile enough to be worn around the neck of your tired button-up, as a bracelet, or even a hair accessory.

    25. Speaking of tired button-ups, a silky soft rayon blouse available in 10 unique and gorgeous prints will help liven up the office.

    26. Splurge on a delicate pair of Bauble Bar's Mariposa drop earrings designed in a lightweight gold plated frame to easily transform your style.

    27. Play with layering pieces, like this airy chiffon layering blouse, because some days are T-shirt-and-slacks days that just need a little help.

    28. Give your do a little more volume with a gorgeous braided velvet headband — it's especially perfect to give your hair some life between washes.

    29. Never worry about losing your glasses somewhere in your office again with an elegant pearl chain — it'll look chic while being totally practical.

    30. Or try a magnetic brooch designed to hold your glasses right at your chest but still look great when your glasses are on your face.

    31. Switch out your basic black flats for a pair of gleaming metallic faux-leather flats designed with a rubber sole so you can be comfy (and slip-free) all day.

    32. Scream elegance with a sleek watch, because nothing will say "I am on top of my shit" more than just showing up on time.

    33. You can never have enough floral button-ups that you can just throw on when you have "nothing" to wear.

    34. Add a beeautiful and sparkling brooch that will have everyone buzzing while it gives your favorite lightweight jacket a little something extra.

    35. And splurge on a high-quality Givenchy Antigona bag that'll fit everything you could possibly need for a day in the office.

    Your coworkers to you when they see your new looks.

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