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    Updated on Aug 17, 2020. Posted on Aug 11, 2020

    41 Ways To Decorate Your Home Like A Bonafide Adult

    It's time you stopped using T-shirts as pillowcases — says the girl who married a man despite going to his house and seeing him use T-shirts as pillowcases.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Add some peel-and-stick wallpaper to freshen up your space and give it some dimension and texture — it's also easily removable for when you're ready to change things up or move out.

    A living room with one wall covered in the Novogratz Constellations Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper in Frost.

    Check out our comprehensive guide to buying wallpaper online.

    Promising review: "Love, love, love this wallpaper!!! It is beautiful and unique, refined and elegant, and heavy-duty quality. I found it super easy to install, though I opted to use it for a room border versus full wall coverage. I also found it very forgiving, allowing me to pull it back off and adjust areas without leaving permanent dents in the design. It gave my son’s bedroom a whole new look and I have gotten lots of compliments on this wallpaper!" —Melissa

    Get this Novogratz Constellations Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper from Amazon for $38.63+ (available in a two prints).

    2. Also, if you're a renter, or just not ready to invest in a whole new backsplash, try a temporary peel-and-stick tile backsplash to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank.,

    Promising review: "I love, love, love my backsplash. It was super easy and VERY sticky. It added so much flair to my all-white and silver kitchen. It's perfect." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99.

    3. Keep your memories alive and give your home some personalization with a set of multiple frames you can use to create your very own gallery wall.

    Multiple frames hung on a wall to make a gallery wall.

    Promising review: "These frames are great, especially for the price. Great collection of sizes. If anyone wants to do a gallery wall these would be perfect. The design of the frames are attractive and do not look cheap. I am very pleased with this purchase and definitely recommend." —Val C

    Get the 10-piece set from Amazon for $32.65+ (available in four colors). Check out these cheat sheets for recos on how to hang your gallery wall...and basically learn everything about home decor in general.

    4. Give any room in your home a glamorous touch with room-darkening velvet curtains that'll help in your quest to sleep in a little later.

    Promising review: "Purchased these for my studio, which is in an old mill. I wanted them for their insulating properties more than to block out the light because my studio loses a lot of heat at night due to its enormous windows. The curtains/drapes work great for both — I am especially pleased with how well they help keep the space from losing heat! Before having the curtains the space would lose about 8 degrees in temperature overnight (which in the winter is a significant amount, especially in the northeast). Now, with the curtains, the space no longer loses heat overnight! It is now so nice to go into my studio in the morning and find it still toasty warm!" —Noname

    Get them from Amazon for $26.99+ a panel (available in three sizes and five colors).

    5. You don't need to break the bank to get a beautiful area rug, this medallion area rug comes in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your decor style, plus its refined loom makes it great for anyone with pets!


    Promising review: "I LOVE THIS AREA RUG! The rug came within three to five days of ordering and it's amazing quality-wise and aesthetically. I purchased the 8x10 and it fits my room perfectly. Personally, I did not feel the need to buy a rug pad for added thickness. It is soft and cushy (super-technical term) to walk on barefoot. The colors are absolutely perfect for my room. The ivory is a true ivory and the gray goes perfectly with my blue-gray walls. I could not be happier with this purchase — especially for the price!" —Flint

    Get it from Amazon for $22.15+ (available in 11 colors and 30+ sizes).

    Explore more rugs on Amazon and learn more about rug placement in every room of your house from Shannon Claire Interiors.

    6. Try pleated fabric shades for some added privacy without totally blocking the light.

    A kitchen with the light filtering pleated fabric shades on all the windows.

    Promising review: "I live in California really close to the beach. The house I'm renting doesn't have air-conditioning and it gets hot! I bought a window air-conditioner for my casement window (slides horizontally instead of up and down), which doesn't let me lower the blinds over the AC unit. I was trying to figure out a way to close the gap next to the air-conditioner and these work perfectly! You can trim them to size and simply stick them to the bottom of your installed blinds. They keep the sun and heat out and give me privacy. Very happy!" —Shelley R

    Get it from Amazon for $17.58 (available in size 48-inch x 72-inch and in 30-inch and 36-inch x 64-inch).

    7. Add a bold and beautiful houseplant to help bring any room to life — just make sure you follow the provided tips to keep it alive.,

    Promising review: "Awesome. Really, that's all I can say. Who would think you could buy a full-size palm for home or office from Amazon?! Well, I decided to try it and wow! The plant arrived in a tall, narrow box. The soil in the planter was well secured with packing paper and tape, and removing it was easy. I transplanted it into a larger pot, watered it, and it's absolutely beautiful, gracing the corner of my office and giving me plenty of healthy air. Packing included a care guide with more information online. Nice touch. Stands about 3 feet tall x 2.5 feet wide once the fronds relaxed a bit." —4StarDad

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in Majesty, Neathebella, and Cat varieties and in seven planter styles).

    8. Speaking of keeping things alive, nothing says "I'm an adult" more than keeping a houseplant alive, which this handy guide might help you accomplish.


    Get it from Amazon for $13.24, explore some of the amazing varieties of plants you can bring into your home, and check out our guide to shopping for plants online.

    9. Create your own art and have something unique to cover your walls in with blank wooden skateboard — okay, hear me out. Skateboard art is all the rage, bright beautifully decorated boards which, with a small piece of fishing wire wrapped through the holes, hang perfectly on your wall but they're also SUPER expensive (like hundreds of dollars, see example below). So, what if you bought a board and painted/decorated it yourself? You could create one really intricate board that hangs perfectly on a pillar or small corner or an epic collage with a few!

    A blank wooden skateboard hanging on a wall.
    CarterSk8Boards on Etsy

    Here's an example of three skateboards covered with the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat currently available from MoMA for $550.

    Get this single, blank skateboard from CarterSk8Boards on Etsy for $24.95.

    10. Learn how to layer all your accessories to construct a visually appealing shelf, coffee table, or sofa.

    A bookshelf with notes about color grouping, layering objects, and incorporating artwork.

    Get the full breakdown on how to decorate your book shelf from decor coach Heather Freeman of The Decor Fix, how to layout your coffee table from School of Decorating, and how to arrange your pillows from Houzz.

    And here is some very awesome bookshelf inspo.

    11. While we're on the topic, invest some time in keeping your bookshelves and coffee tables well-organized and artfully curated.

    A perfectly curated bookshelf.

    See more design inspiration on Domino, get bookshelf arrangement ideas from Real Simple, and find coffee table ideas from Elle Decor.

    12. One way to do that is by filling your shelves with perfectly coordinated books sets that'll help make your shelves look like they belong in the pages of an interior design magazine.

    A bookshelf filled with color-coordinated books.

    Promising review: "If you've been looking for decorative books, then look no more — you've found your shop! Colors are true to photos and I love how they were real books! Not those hollow fake ones you see. This made decorating very easy, fast shipping, and quality superb. Will be ordering more from here in the future!" —JH2

    Get a set from Covogoods on Amazon Handmade starting at $4 (packages start with just one book and go up to 25 books, they're also available in 16 colors including custom colors).

    13. But don't think your books need to live on bookshelves. Placing a uniquely curated set of books on an entry table or desk can be the perfect piece of decor. You can lay them down or try a unique and fun set of cactus bookends to securely keep your books in place while giving a little personality.

    The cactus bookends in gold.

    Promising review: "Cute decor. Simple, stylish, and a good statement piece for an apartment. I was worried the gold would look too cheap but it fits quite nicely." —Taylordtravels

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    14. Get an actual sofa — not a futon, not a curbside find, but a real, adult-looking sofa to complete your living room.

    A lush green velvet chesterfield sofa.

    Get this velvet chesterfield sofa from Amazon for $555.11+ (available in three colors) and explore all the best places to buy a couch online in our handy sofa store guide.

    15. If you're not ready to throw down serious cash on a new sofa, splurge on some luxurious throw blankets (like the one pictured here).


    Promising review: "Best blanket EVER!!! It arrived quickly and was packaged perfectly. When you open the box you are met with this fresh, clean smell that nobody had mentioned in their reviews. There was a scented sachet card laying on top of the nicely folded blanket that I am sure going to add to my storage drawer. It smells and feels like it came fresh out of the dryer. It is so lightweight, soft, and cozy. If you are considering buying this blanket think no more — just buy it, you will be happy that you did! This is the perfect go-to gift for wedding showers, Christmas, or just because occasions. It looks so much more expensive than it is, nobody would believe that you bought this for under $50." —Mommy Jessup

    Get this bamboo and Turkish cotton throw blanket from Amazon for $49.99.

    16. Or throw a set of gorgeously lush velvet pillow covers on your favorite pillows to give some new life to your old but still reliable sofa.

    A variety of the velvet pillow covers on a sofa.

    Promising review: "This is the second set of these I've purchased (bought two different colors to change out when one set is in the laundry), and I completely love them. They are so soft, easy to put the pillows into, and they come out of the laundry looking brand new. Get a couple of different colors and switch out for holidays, or when desiring a quick easy decor change. I highly recommend them." —Melanie Mastin

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in eight sizes and in 32 colors).

    17. Make your tiny space seem a little bigger with perfectly placed mirrors, which will also help in your quest to capture the perfect OOTD pic for Insta.

    The full-length floor mirror leaning against a wall.

    A great tip for placement of your new mirror in your space is to place it on or up against a wall that's beside a windowed wall (like they have in the picture above). It helps extend the look and light the window.

    Promising review: "Absolutely stunning, packaged very well, and easy to stand up. I’m a TALL girl (a little over 5-foot-10) and having a mirror that was large enough for me was very important. This does exactly that, but isn’t so big that it takes up too much space. The gold trim is super classy and adds an expensive looking quality to the mirror and my room. Overall amazing and definitely worth the buy!" —Bria Million

    Get it from Amazon for $149.99 (available in 10 colored frames).

    18. You could also hang a macrame wall mirror to bring in a bohemian flair and double as a great touch-up spot.

    The macrame wall mirror hanging on a wall.

    Promising review: "This mirror is GORGEOUS!! I bought this with few expectations and it's simply amazing! It's securely placed in the macrame and hangs flat. The photographs show the front and back of the mirror. I want more but don't need them. :D" —M. Bradley

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    19. Let there be light! Find a sophisticated floor lamp that'll not only add a gorgeous piece of decor to a room, but also just make your home feel really cozy.,

    Promising review: "Beyond easy to put together, I didn’t even look at the instructions. You have to clip on the shade to assemble — I didn’t expect that but it was super easy (you can’t tell by looking at it). The whole thing took me about five minutes. Looks great in my room." —NTP

    Get it from Amazon for $64.99+ (available in brass and black)

    20. It may seem obvious, but make sure you have clean sheets and pillows — this one is really important. When I first met my now-husband in college, he would use T-shirts as his pillowcases and I don't think they were always clean T-shirts. I still make fun of him for that 'til this very day. Especially when he gets on my case for having too many throw pillows (which is impossible!!).

    A bed made up with the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set in Madison Purple.

    Experts suggest you wash your sheets at least once a week.

    Explore a variety of sheet options here or get these from Amazon (which have over 55 THOUSAND 5-star reviews) for $24.90+ (available in sizes twin-California king and in 39 colors).

    Get detergent that's formulated to make your sheets feel fresh and new for $19.01 — or just use regular ol' detergent for $12.99 on Amazon, but please, just WASH YOUR SHEETS!

    Experts also suggest getting new pillows every year or two. So get some new pillows for $39.99+ on Amazon (available in two sizes) and check out our top picks for the best pillows on BuzzFeed Reviews.

    21. And on that note, invest in a comfy (and not previously owned) mattress so you can get a good night's sleep and be a functioning human in the morning.


    Explore a variety of mattress options in our online mattress shopping guide and best mattresses on Amazon guide, and get this Zinus Memory Foam mattress from Amazon for $138.33+ (available in sizes narrow twin-California king and in 6- to 12-inch thickness options).

    22. Like I was saying, make your bed as plush as the ones you dream of sleeping in when you're shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond with this handy guide about how to lay out all your pillows.

    A guide from Matouk on how to layout all your pillows on your bed.

    Get the full tutorial from Matouk.

    23. Also, buy an actual bed frame! Like, with a headboard and maybe a platform. (I know, I know, I'm asking a lot here.)

    The Zinus Shalini upholstered platform bed.

    Promising review: "First off I have to say how impressed I was with the packaging, EVERYTHING is packed inside the headboard. It is easy to assemble and looks great!! I have cats who I knew would start to sharpen their claws on it and amazingly it doesn't show any damage, the fabric is TOUGH!! Well worth every penny, I have already recommended to friends and family." —Glama Girl

    Get this stitched platform bed from Amazon for $225.70 (available in sizes twin-California king and in dark and sage grays) and check out some of the top-rated bed frames on Amazon.

    24. Update your light fixtures — it's an easy way to upgrade your home without breaking the bank (while still making it look like you did).

    A living room with the VINLUZ Sputnik 12-light chandelier in chrome.

    Promising review: "I was very skeptical when I bought this. I thought I would end up returning it, but it looks great. It actually looks very nice. I ended up using LED 'Edison-style' bulbs instead of the traditional filament bulbs because I was worried about the heat emission (and energy consumption) of the latter. I think it looks great!" —Lou

    Get this mid-century-modern chandelier from Amazon for $95.99+ (available in five finishes).

    25. If you're looking to make a bit of an investment, go for high-quality materials like brass, marble, and heavy fabrics for your decor and accent furniture.

    The West-Elma marble-topped pedestal coffee table in white marble/antique brass.
    West Elm

    Get this marble top coffee table from West Elm for $699 and explore more places to shop for affordable home decor.

    26. Or you could learn to DIY your hand-me-down/Ikea/garage sale finds like a Pinterest star.

    A gorgeously curated livingroom.

    Get the full tutorial on how to elevate (both figuratively and literally) your Ikea Karlstad sofa from Pretty Pegs, find inspiration with cool Ikea hacks, and these DIY hacks.

    27. One way is to give your old and tattered hand-me-down furniture a fun and unique coat of chalked paint — it'll provide all your pieces a soft matte, cozy look.


    Promising review: "I'm slowly doing a DIY remodel on the upstairs of my house. I'm basically taking everything we own and giving it an upgrade. I got this paint for many things — one of those being my dining room table. I do A LOT of crafting. I redid my kitchen myself, including my cabinets, and went from oak to glazed antique. So I'm familiar with paints, sealants, and stains. I use paint daily. And I use chalk paint the most. And this is my favorite. The quality is great and the coverage is better than any other out there. I'm not going to bash any other name brands in a review but I am so happy I found a chalk paint that I don't have to slather on and waste and that doesn't give me that thick, goopy look. I got linen white for my table legs and I got charcoal for my tabletop and seat tops. I also used the charcoal on a lot of the accent pieces in my dining room." —Kimber

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99 (available in 12 colors).

    28. You can also upgrade your old counters or tabletops with vinyl wrap film — a temporary solution that'll last a long time and won't cost a small fortune.,

    Promising review: "Easy to work with and looks amazing. Very happy with the product and my project. I put a thin coat of polyutherane, but I don't think it needs it since the paper seems very sturdy and the gloss finish is nice. I have already ordered two more rolls to finish my vanity and cover my drawers." —Johanna Calderon

    Get a roll from Amazon for $6.49.

    29. Invest in unique and unexpected materials — like concrete — to give your space an elevated (and expensive) look.

    The West Elm Industrial Concrete Side Table.
    West Elm

    Get this concrete side table from West Elm for $399.

    30. Don't underestimate the power of a beautiful statement chair — which is not only practical, but can also provide a stunning way to make your space pop.

    The Amazon Brand Rivet Charlotte mid-century modern upholstered gold accent chair in dusty rose.

    Promising review: "This chair just arrived and it is GORGEOUS! Beautifully packaged, fully assembled, and looks amazing! It's very cozy, the color is soft and the gold accents are perfect. The bottom cushion is wide, cozy, and soft. I have to say, it is SOOOO comfortable. I'm now a huge fan of this furniture line and am currently looking at other pieces from this company. High quality! Looks SO MUCH BETTER than the photo. This does not disappoint. Highly recommend!" —Rk Star

    Get this brass accent chair from Amazon for $616 (available in pink, white, and blue).

    31. And if we are going ahead and buying pieces of decor and furniture — get some that double as storage so you can hide all the little things you don't need access to all the time.

    The modern Better Homes and Gardens eight-cube shelf in beige.

    Promising review: "Used it in my bedroom as storage and decor. Surprisingly sturdy and simple to assemble. It's rather heavy, I suggest assembling it close to where it's going to stay. Love that it can be used horizontally or vertically, so it's very versatile. The finish has been durable." —Lj McLellen

    Get this shelf with storage space from Amazon for $100.59+ (available in six sets) and check out these other storage solutions.

    32. You can also get rid of all the clutter with some splurge-worthy and very awesome statement pieces that double as interesting conversation starters.

    Jonathan Adler

    Get this peyote container from Jonathan Adler for $228 (available in black and purple).

    33. Keep your closets organized in order to make the most out of your storage space, because it's not cute to have your clothes piled on a chair anymore.

    The Simple Houseware adjustable closet hanging rod in chrome.

    Promising review: "This product has been one of my favorite Amazon finds, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner. It has doubled my closet space in my apartment where I can’t make any damage in terms of adding another permanent shelf — so this has been a perfect solution. It was easy to assemble and is sturdy I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now with no issue. Your closet has to be pretty high for this to work or else your shirts above are going to get caught on the hangers below and for my case, some of my shirts are dragging on the floor — just keep this in mind when you’re thinking about purchasing." —Alex

    Get this closet doubler from Amazon for $14.97 and check out our ultimate guide to keeping an organized closet.

    34. Really, really clean your home — including sanitizing and organizing the things that need to be, rather than just throwing all your stuff in the closet.

    A guide to cleaning your entire home.
    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    It's not rocket science, but a clean house can do wonders in terms of making you feel like you have your life together. Try making your bed every day before you head out, vacuuming and dusting once a week (that includes dusting baseboards), washing your dishes after every meal, and investing in some organizational tools to keep everything in its place.

    Check out our ultimate guide to cleaning everything in your home and explore the best cleaning products for cleaning some really disgusting messes.

    35. Bring fresh flowers into a room to add a pop of color and show the world you're together enough to own a vase.

    A gorgeous bouquet of pink roses sitting on a bedside table.

    Find similar flowers on Amazon for $47.98+ and vase for $11.99+ (available in three sizes).

    Get tips on how to arrange your own floral bouquet from Homey Oh My and check out all the best places to buy flowers online.

    36. Or if you're tired of spending countless dollars on flowers that just die on you, try a bundle of faux jasmine flowers that'll add a delicate statement to any room — without the need to replace them every week.

    A bundle of the faux Jasmine flowers in white.

    Promising review: "I have never used artificial flowers but these changed my mind — they are blow-you-away gorgeous! Every client comments on these. I combined these with some other silk flowers from Amazon and it's really stunning." —Lisa B

    Get a 10-piece bundle from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in six colors).

    37. Oh and don't forget about your bathroom! Make sure your bathroom has hand towels, hand soap, a bath mat, and that it's always clean.

    A photo of a gorgeously decorated bathroom.

    Find a beautiful set of six hand towels on Amazon for $23.99+ (available in seven colors), a set of glass soap dispensers for $17.99, and a set of cotton bath mats for $14.99+ (available in nine colors).

    Get some bathroom cleaning tips and find more bathroom design inspiration from Homepolish.

    38. You can also update your bathroom with a resin-coated fabric shower curtain designed with dangling tassels so you can make your bathroom look like a bohemian dream.

    The fabric shower curtain hanging around a bathtub.

    Promising review: "I have NEVER written a review. EVER. If you are on the fence about it just go ahead and purchase. It’s beautiful and true to the advertised extra-long length. It’s in a bathroom that my four kids use (ages 19, 17, 9, and 7). We use it without a liner and it wicks away water and dries almost instantly. I can tell the material is going to be perfect for frequent washing. If it doesn’t hold up long I will just buy another, that’s how great it is!" —Toyia

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in six sizes).

    39. And get gorgeous storage containers to organize the things you need on the regular but you shouldn't have laying around — like ones for cotton swabs, makeup wipes, extra toilet paper!

    The InterDesign Bruschia free standing toilet paper holder.

    Get this super-functional toilet paper storage rack for $19.30 (available in two finishes), a cotton swab organizer for $8.88, and a wipes container for $16.99 (available in two colors) from Amazon.

    40. Consider a five-step decorative ladder to store and display your throw blankets, bath towels, or scarves.

    The decorative ladder leaned against a wall holding blankets.

    Promising review: "This is so great to store baby blankets in my son's nursery. The ladder has rubber tips on each end so it doesn't damage the wall, and it came assembled. I'm so glad I got this!" —The Johnsons

    Get it from Amazon for $35.99 (available in four finishes).

    And check out our picks for the best bath towels on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    41. And make sure and have a complete set of matching dishes, wineglasses, and silverware.


    Get a 16-piece porcelain dish set for $50, six stackable wine glasses for $11, and 20-piece silverware set for $30 from Target.

    Now your house will feel like home — until, of course, you can finally move into Hogwarts.

    Warner Bros.

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