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    26 Ways To Actually Keep Your Closet Organized

    Imagine a world where you don't have a random pile of clothes stacked on your only chair — imagine it because it's possible.

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    1. Get a hanger designed specifically to hold your favorite camis and tanks that are typically kinda hard to store.

    2. If you've ever struggled trying to figure out how to store your boots, consider filling them with inserts or storing them in a very handy hanging boot file.

    3. Keep your purses super organized with a hanging purse organizer designed with clear pockets so you can browse through your collection without having to pull out everything.

    The ZOBER Hanging Purse Organizer in white.

    4. If you have a deep closet, an over-the-door closet rod is great for adding that extra hanging space you desperately need.

    over the door clothing rail on the back of a closet door

    5. Or you can create that extra space by adding a second rack for clothes — it's super easy to install, it just hangs on your current closet rack.

    A customer review photo of the Simple Houseware adjustable closet hanging rod in chrome hanging in their closet.

    6. Really elevate your organizational skills with a chrome finish hanger organizer that'll finally put a stop to the disastrous, mangled tumbleweeds of hangers that occupy space in your home.

    A customer review photo of perfectly organized hangers stacked on hanger organizer.

    7. Get rid of some of the bulk in your closet by switching out your hangers to slim-fitting velvet ones — they won't only give you more space they'll also keep your straps from falling off.

    8. Another way to save hanging space is with a set of chrome closet organizers that'll make you realize your closet is much bigger than it actually is.

    The Wonder Hanger in chrome.

    9. Try easily removable inserts in your drawer to give everything its place — they can hold your lingerie, socks, underwear, and bras! Plus they're made of a mold-proof fabric for perfect storing nearly anywhere.

    10. You can also organize all your drawers with adjustable honeycomb inserts that can hold your socks and undergarments.

    The honeycomb inserts placed inside a drawer.

    11. "Install" a four-shelf closet system that requires no drilling, no tools — it snaps together and grips to the floor and ceiling for support.

    The four-shelf closet system secured in a wall nook.

    12. If your shoes are bigger than most shoe storage holders accommodate, try a hanging organizer made for shoes up to a men's size 16.

    13. If you have floor or shelf space you can also use a tiered shoe shelf to store your treasured collection of footwear.

    14. Or just go ahead and upgrade your shoe storage game with a rotating shoe rack.

    15. Separate and organize everything on your closet shelves with adjustable, slide-on steel dividers.

    16. Or get a set of sturdy plastic baskets perfect for organizing all your miscellaneous clothing, beauty products, and accessories currently filling up your closets.

    17. If you're short on drawer space and want to hang your pants, try a pants hanger that can fit five pairs while only taking up the room of one hanger.

    The DOIOWN S-Type Stainless Steel Pants Hangers.

    18. You can also get super organized with a scarf hanger, capable of fitting 23 scarves, belts, or even ties.

    19. Speaking of ties and belts, if anyone in your household has swarms of them, try a hanger designed specifically to hold them — best part is, they're also great for hanging tank tops.

    20. Or just get really fancy and organize all your ties and belts with a rotating rack that fits right onto your closet rod — this one might not be so great for tanks tho.

    The Primode Motorized Tie Rack.

    21. If you're trying to figure out where to put all your little things (wallets, sunglasses, clutches) try a wallet tray that easily snaps onto a wire shelf so you can store all those tiny treasures.

    The mDesign Plastic 5 Compartment Hanging Closet Storage Organizer Tray in clear.

    22. Or if your closet isn't built with wire shelving you can use a household divider to store your wallets and clutches — it can also hold your pot and pan lids.

    A series of photos showing the divider being used to store clutches.

    23. When you're overflowing with jewelry, try a two-sided jewelry carrier designed with 32 clear vinyl pockets and 18 hook-and-loops closures — you just need to add a standard hanger and you can basically put it anywhere.

    A before and after customer review photo of their jewelry perfectly organized.

    24. Or organize all your jewelry with an investment-worthy cabinet that also doubles as a mirror.

    25. If you have a lot of hats, get an over-the-door hat rack, which easily hangs while giving you place to store all your beloved head gear.

    A customer review photo of the cap rack hanging on their door with all their hats.

    26. And make sure to utilize the space under your bed to store the seasonal pieces you don't want cluttering up your limited closet space — some fabric storage bags will protect your things and maximize the area.

    The Underbed Storage Bag Organizer in gray.

    Now all we need is for someone to invent the Clueless closet.

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