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    24 Things From Walmart To Help Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

    Your dorm is gonna be so great you're not even gonna want to go to class (at least that's the excuse you'll use).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A photo line you can use to hold all your most precious memories — plus it's easy to switch things out when new memories become even more precious.


    Promising review: "Easy to install — just be aware unless you use double-sided tape you have to screw into the wall to secure the item." —Erica

    Price: $6.31

    2. An adjustable LED desk lamp with a wireless charging station and a USB plug so you can charge two devices at the same time.


    Promising review: "Great item! The LED lamp is bright enough, and the wireless charger works perfectly for my iPhone X while the USB is charging my Kindle. Very satisfied with the price." —Allie

    Price: $19.92 (available in nine colors)

    3. A sleek and decorative essential oil diffuser, because you're basically about to cohabitate in a tiny space with a perfect stranger — it's best you come prepared for what that might smell like.


    It also has a soothing color-changing light and an auto shut-off feature.

    Price: $21.84

    4. A comfy set of lightweight microfiber sheets designed to be wrinkle-resistant and easily wash your damn sheets more than once a semester!!


    Set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and standard-size pillowcases.

    Promising review: "I have had these sheets for a long time — like a year or so. I love these sheets! They are great for the low price. I was so tired of buying sheets only to get scratchy 'pills' all over them. Don't have to worry about that with these! They've held up wonderfully to lots of washing and drying in hot water and high heat, too. They still look and feel great! After so many disappointments of other sheets with the pilling, I am sticking with these!" —BargainHuntee3

    Price: $8.44+ (available in twin-California king, including XL twin for dorm room beds, and in eight colors)

    5. A 1-inch thick machine-washable mattress cover with a hypoallergenic fiberfill to help make your totally uncomfortable, who-knows-how-old used mattress feel like a cloud.


    Promising review: "So comfortable. Completely changed how my mattress felt (it was comfortable before but now it’s almost impossible to get out of in the morning)! Just wow! The side fabric is a bit thin feeling but if you are careful when putting it on you shouldn’t have any issues. We didn’t." —Happymom

    Price: $12.96+ (available in twin-California king, including XL twin for dorm room beds)

    6. A colorful clock, because you donut want to be late to class.


    Requires one AA battery to operate (not included).

    Promising review: "Got this clock as a gift for my office's white elephant party, and it was a complete hit! Everyone loved it, and it looks very similar to the photo. Sizing is slightly larger than a dinner plate. Loved this purchase!" —BrittK

    Price: $5.98

    7. A string of cactus lights for help setting the mood and bringing your space to life.


    Price: $6.76

    8. A reversible sequined throw pillow you might be able to use to leave messages for your roommate.


    Promising review: "My daughter loves it. Looks exactly like the picture and we all love to rub our hands across it and change the sequin colors." —Brownbee123

    Price: $9.94 (available in 15 colors)

    9. A set of six sleek wooden picture frames to help decorate your dorm with all your summer memories.


    Promising review: "I purchased a few boxes of these frames, and they work well as an inexpensive option for framing prints. They look nice. I had all of these shipped to me, and I was a little nervous about the glass getting broken, but they all arrived in great condition. Each frame was in a protective plastic bubble sleeve." —LeHale

    Price: $5.40 (also available in 5x7 and 8x10)

    10. A glowing neon star that'll have your space up in lights — literally.


    Price: $20 (also available in a palm tree, heart, dream, cloud, Eiffel Tower, hello, cactus, and a flamingo)

    11. A mesh shower tote to carry all your bathroom essentials but also look cute and organized while sitting on your dresser.


    Promising review: "I like the fact that you can honestly take it in the shower with you. It dries really fast once taken out of the shower. The only thing I wish was different was that it had more support to it." —KitKat

    Price: $5.93

    12. A metallic gold-finish-framed heart mirror just so you have an adorable way to check yourself out before you run to class.


    Price: $11.31

    13. A metallic geometric-print throw pillow to help you add a little character to your bedroom/living room/kitchen/closet.


    Price: $7

    14. A collapsible ottoman designed with a hidden storage unit so you have some extra seating without taking up additional space.


    Promising review: "I love this ottoman! It is very sturdy with a good amount of room for storage. I was skeptical that I could really sit on it but was pleasantly surprised that I could. I will gladly purchase more as needed." —LoRedd

    Price: $12.21

    15. A set of four colorful food containers to help you store all your leftovers — and to make sure your roommate knows what's yours and NOT theirs.


    Price: $10.84

    16. A cozy throw blanket you can curl up in when you decide to "work from home" instead of going to your econ class.


    Price: $12

    17. A delightful little vanity mirror with a jewelry tray at the base so you can do your makeup and have all your essentials at arm's reach before you head out for the day.


    Price: $5.97+ (available in gold and nickel)

    18. A metallic crown curtain panel, because by the time you're done with this place it's gonna be fit for royalty.


    Promising review: "They are very well made, thick material, and a great buy for the price. They don't block out the light, which is fine." —Christine

    Price: $13.60+ (available in 52" x 63" and 52" x 84")

    19. A set of double-walled mason jars complete with lid and reusable straws so you always have a way to take your iced coffee with you to class — how else are you gonna stay awake?


    Promising review: "I don't even know how this is possible, but the cup doesn't sweat or leave any condensation. I have had cups say they don't do that, and this is the first one that lives up to what it claims. It is perfect!" —Niftygal

    Price: $9.25 (available in pink and clear)

    20. A hanging double planter for help bringing a little life into your dorm room (also, if you can keep any plant alive you are basically halfway to total adulthood).


    Price: $10.99

    21. A charming little mug rack to hold everything you need for a perfect cup of coffee or tea without taking up too much valuable dorm-room real estate.


    Includes two ceramic mugs.

    Promising review: "Cute, functional, and very large cups. Prettier than what it looks like in the picture. A great deal too!! Very happy with it." —HappyKat

    Price: $34.99

    22. A plush AF bedrest that'll have your tiny twin feeling like it's meant for a king.


    Promising review: "I read all of the reviews saying that this was so small it would only be for a child, but the description had the biggest measurements of anything like this that I found online and it was the cheapest, so I bought it. My first impression was that it is VERY lightweight. Once I got it, I looked at it and thought, 'They were right. It's teeny!' But, I decided to try it out, anyway. Keep in mind, I'm not teeny. I'm definitely plus-sized. I put this on my bed and expected to be uncomfortable, but I wasn't! There is no room between me and the arms on either side, but all the parts of me that I want to be supported are supported. I had my old bedrest sitting on a pillow, but this one is taller, so I really don't need the pillow with this one. The fabric is soft, which is huge for me because I have sensitive skin. All in all, I would buy this again. Although it seems small, it's not too small for an adult, it's incredibly lightweight, and the fabric is soft enough for even my sensitive skin." —Michelletj

    Price: $12.88+ (available in blue, black, teal, and brown)

    23. A clip-on LED lamp you can attach to any place that needs some light — your bed, desk, bookshelf, dresser...just clip it and let there be light!


    Promising review: "I needed a lamp for my desk but don't have enough room for a traditional desk lamp. The clip-on feature is ideal because it doesn't really take up any room. This LED lamp is awesome because it doesn't get hot to the touch and provides excellent lighting. The gooseneck is easily adjustable. The cord is pleasantly longer than I had expected and contains a switch for turning the lamp on and off. Because it is LED, there are no lightbulbs to change. And LED lasts a very long time." —KristyRichardson44657

    Price: $5.87 (available in gold, silver, and black)

    24. And a sturdy and very comfy tufted ottoman so you can have some actual seating when people decide to come and hang out in your room.


    Promising review: "I bought these for the purpose of having extra seating. My intention was that they would be stored behind the sectional and brought out when needed. They are super solid for sitting, which was a nice surprise, and they look really great in the room — no hiding these cubes!" —Jackie

    Price: $46.99

    Now all you need is the pudding for college!

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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