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19 Tweets That Show Just How Seriously Latin People Take Vicks VapoRub

In honor of the upcoming cold and flu season.

1. First, it's application has been a ritual practice embedded in our heritage for centuries.

"ponte vicks" - ancient latinx proverb

2. It's also important to know we're one of the few people who pronounce its name correctly — I dunno what the rest of you are saying.

3. We've also mastered its application to help in the treatment of nearly everything.

#TweetSomethingHispanicParentsSay *cuts finger. "ponte Vicks" *bruises arm. "ponte Vicks" *broke leg. "ponte Vicks" *dies. "ponte Vicks"

4. Seriously, EVERYTHING.

I swear you can go up to Mexican parents and tell them “my eye hurts” or “my ear hurts” or “my bone is popping out of my hip” and they’ll be like “no te preocupes es aire ven, aquí esta la pomada del tigre con vaporub” Like wait what.

5. It's especially effective in the event of a vehicular encounter.

#GrowingUpHispanic me: I just got hit by a truck mom:

6. Que te dije?

#GrowingUpHispanic *gets hit by a car* "ponte vicks"

7. And after the before mentioned vehicular collision, you can use Vaporuu for any needed repairs too!

Vaporu does it all! #BeLatina #LatinaThings

8. We all know if WebMD **actually** knew what they were talking about, they'd tell you to put some Vicks on it.

please help me crowdfund my latest project AbuelaMD it's like WebMD but the only medical advice it gives is "ponte Vicks y ya"

9. It's honestly probably better insurance than that HMO you're always dealing with.

growing up latino my health insurance was vicks vaporub and sopa lmao

10. Sometimes we think our symptoms require something more serious.

Growing up latino Mom: ponte vicks Child: I need CHEMO! Mom: tu no sabes de nada! Ponte esto y callate

11. Or that, according to **science** it couldn't possibly work!

latinos use vapor rub to heal anything... my mom just gave me some for my twisted ankle LMAO

12. But honestly...it works.

I may or may not have put Vicks vapor rub on a mosquito bite. Yeah instead of Benadryl #GrowingUpLatin

13. Even if you're dealing with a broken heart.

told my grandma my heart was broken to see what she would say, her reply was “ponte Vicks” i cant😂😭

14. Actually, especially if you're dealing with a broken heart.

Got a stuffy nose? Use Vicks Got a cut? Use Vicks Got a broken heart? Use Vicks 😂😂😂😂😂 #GrowingUpHispanic

15. Look, we're a strong people and we don't need much to feel better.

Two remedies in the latino community that are guaranteed to boost your immune system are easily Vick’s vapor rub and ‘Vivir Mi Vida’ by Marc Anthony

16. Just need our wits and our vapo rub and we can survive anything.

Just so you know, none of that zombie shit happens in Latinx countries cause we have vix vapo rub 😤

17. We're gonna be here to pass on the legacy of Vapo to future generations — with our own little touches.

You know that old meme of whenever a Latino kid is sick their mom just offers sprite and vapor rub (which is true), that’s gonna be me but instead of sprite it’s GTS cayennade kombucha. The vapor rub can stay.

18. So no matter what you're dealing with...

#GrowingUpHispanic when the cure to everything was VICKS VAPORUB

19. Ponte Vicks!

You KNOW you’re Latino when your mom gives you Vapor Rub to treat every sickness. Your nose stuffed: “Vaparoo” Your throat hurts: “Vaparoo” Feel a cold coming: “Vaparoo” Get hit by a car: “Vaparoo” Like if you know, you know.

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