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    This Etsy Tiendita Is Filled With Everything A Badass Chingona Needs

    Very That has a slew of empowering, colorful, and cool AF pieces to help give you your daily motivation to make it through this dystopian reality we all currently live in!

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    The world has kinda been on fire lately. With all the shitty news and just general awfulness, it's really important to stay encouraged.

    Televisa S.A. de C.V.

    In hopes of doing that, I have found the best damn Etsy tiendita* on the internet.

    *Tiendita (tien-d-ta) is Spanish for a little store and is often said in reference to a local corner store.

    Very That on Etsy is filled with funny, unique, and totally empowering pieces designed to celebrate Chicanas and Chicanos but their cute AF designs embrace all folks who don't put up with anyone's shit.


    A Chicana/Chicano is a person of Mexican origin or descent. Many people who consider themselves Chicanos are often born in the United States but raised with strong family and cultural ties to Mexico.

    Like, their comfy and totally cool T-shirt emblazoned with "Cabrona" which is the Spanish word (used mostly in Mexico) for a woman who is stubborn, independent, opinionated, and tends to not to give a f#@% what anyone thinks.

    Before we took ownership of the word, it was often to used as an insult to criticize people (especially women) who didn't take anyone's shit. Now, many folks are embracing it and using it proudly to showcase their strength.

    Get it for $22 (available in sizes XS–3XL).

    They also celebrate immigrants and the children of immigrants with their designs, like this colorful ceramic mug that lets any first generation kids embrace their roots — translated it means daughter of immigrants. And I mean, aren't we all?

    Get it for $14.50.

    Of course, they pay homage to the reina with a variety of products including this ADORABLE!!! baby onesie, because every baby is a Selena fan in the making, it's just gonna take you and this onesie to prove it.

    Get it for $15 (available in sizes 3M–12M, 2T–3T, and 4–8).

    And this sturdy little canvas tote with your favorite playlist displayed right on the front.

    Get it for $12.

    But my personal favorite is this water-resistant sticker that helps remind you that even your biggest fans can't be trusted.

    Get it for $2.

    They also help give you your daily motivation and strength reminders with a pack of buttons that are made with the love ❤️, power 👑, strength 🌵, and desire ⚡ you need to get through the freakin' day.

    Get the pack of four for $6.

    If you're still feeling unsure about whether or not you should check out this awesome AF tiendita, well they have the ceramic mug to ease your woes — also, maybe, try VapoRub and check out the loads and loads of customers raving about the awesomeness of this shop.

    The song “Sana sana colita de rana. Dame un besito para hoy y mañana” is a song a lot of latinx folks heard growing up whenever they got a bump or bruise. Its literal translation would be “Heal heal little frog's tail. Give me a little kiss for today and tomorrow,” but it really does sound better in Spanish. I swear.

    Get it for $14.50 and check out just some of the awesome reviews for Very That!

    "I am in grad school and academia sort of requires that I use my best, non-Mexican English. I needed a grounding reminder of who I really am, and you gave me that. Using this sticker set, I made this phone case memento that shows me, and EVERYONE, que se me mira el nopal en la frente, and I like it that way. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH 😘 You don’t just make pretty things, you’ve allowed me to proudly display exactly who and what my ancestors are." —Celeste

    "Super soft material, so many compliments! Cannot wait to buy more!" —jessikaadame0722

    "My mom passed away earlier this year to cancer. This shirt serves as a reminder of how strong she was and the legacy she left behind in me. I love it!" —Karla Garcia

    "Items always as described. I have purchased a few stickers from this shop and placed them on my Hydro Flask. They have lasted a long time and have not peeled off even when submerged in water." —Marlene Vidal

    Check out all the cool AF products from Very That!

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