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26 Things That'll Make Living With Your BFF Even Better

They know too much, at this point: you'll live together forever.


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1. A matching set of keychains to hold the keys to your shared home! (And that will also, probably, save your ass when one of you locks yourself out.)

Get them on Amazon for $7.

2. Some wipes for when you guys make each other laugh so hard that you pee yourselves a little.

Get them on eBay for $6.

3. A set of coasters with your role models (and future selves) engraved on them.

Get the set from Designs By BSF on Etsy for $11.

4. A giant box of chocolate bars ' groups.

Get the box of 36 bars on Amazon for $27.

5. A set of sweatshirts to throw on the second your bras come off.

Get it on Amazon for $40+ (available in a variety of size combinations).

6. Some socks that'll let them know what you need without having to say a single word.

Get them on Amazon for $13.

7. A cozy AF blanket to cuddle under and talk all sorts of shit.

Get it from BoxLunch for $20.

8. A set of mugs so both you bitches always have a cup to drink your coffee from.

Get the set from Ideas By Arianna on Etsy for $20. (Available with blue or green backgrounds.)

9. A grow your own girlfriend or boyfriend because if you guys have to share another Tinder horror story, you're gonna lose it.,

Get a girlfriend for $5 and a boyfriend for $5 on Amazon.

10. A supply of napkins with your life motto.

Get them from BoxLunch for $4.

11. A hangover kit to always have on hand because together, and only together, will you guys overcome the struggle of a Friday night out.

Get it on Amazon for $30.

12. Some pillows because they're the jelly to your peanut butter.

Get the set for $19 on Amazon.

13. A print of another iconic BFF duo to decorate your walls.

Get it from The Film Artist on Etsy for $18+. (Available in 8x10, 18x24, and 24x36 options.)

14. A notepad to let them know when they're a mess (or that they can give to you when you're one).

Get it on Amazon for $6.

15. A way to finally get rid of those bugs neither of you want to deal with. (you can't use all your cups as bug houses forever).

Promising Review: "'I am alive because of critter catcher.' —A large hairy spider" —E. Jorgensen

Get it on Amazon for $23.

16. A set of bathrobes to cuddle up in when you're binge watching Netflix.

Get them for $19 each on Amazon. (Available in pink, blue, fuchsia, coral, and green.)

17. Some throw pillows for laying out all the threats.

Get one at Retro and Modern Store on Etsy for $14. (Available in a wide variety of color options.)

18. A set of wine glasses to drown your sorrows in after a long week.

Get the set on Amazon for $25.

19. A print of your apartment goals (AKA Monica's apartment on Friends).

Get it from Ashlee Lauren Prints on Etsy for $13.

20. A pin board where you guys can leave all your passive aggressive notes...just kidding, you'll just yell at each other face to face.

Get it at TJ Maxx for $13.

21. A magnet to tell the story of your relationship.

Get it from Angelic Aspirations on Etsy for $4.

22. A set of candles (because you guys are both queens).

Get them from Dom Rockstar on Etsy for $15.

23. A super cute emergency kit so you're totally in style, even in worst case scenarios.

Get the kit for $26 on Amazon.

24. Or this emergency bacon kit for when the situation is REALLY serious.

Get it on Amazon for $34.

25. A 9-inch cheesecake for those late nights when you just can't sleep.

Get it on Amazon for $43.

26. And a Ben & Jerry's lock because you love them, but they need to stop eating your f#*&ing ice cream!

Get it on Amazon for $50.

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