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    Here's All The Products You Should Have In Your Kitchen (And Why)

    Here's a comprehensive list of everything you should actually be filling your kitchen with. Bone apple tea everyone!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Avoid doing the risky pasta-drain dance with a two-piece colander set designed to let you dump the pasta and boiling water using both hands β€” then just lift the colander and let the water fall out into the bowl.

    2. Don't be that person who gives all their friends food poisoning: Place a digital thermometer into whatever you're cooking, then wait between 4 to 20 seconds (location and time will vary) to get an accurate reading of its inner temperature.

    3. Cook *nearly* anything on a nonstick surface β€” it's designed to prevent your food from attaching itself to your pan and gives you an even heat distribution so everything cooks at a consistent temperature.

    4. Keep your nonstick surfaces intact with a set of silicone utensils designed to be gentle on your pots and pans while resisting heat for up to 400 degrees.

    5. Get a solid, sharp knife set to help make preparing your ingredients β€” from bread to meats to veggies β€” that much easier.

    6. There are a lot of simple utensils and gadgets that'll make cooking a breeze β€” like this set of measuring cups and spoons for your dry ingredients and silicone tongs to flip your food with ease without damaging your the surfaces of pots and pans.

    7. Regardless of whether you think plastic cutting boards are more sanitary or you'd fight to the death before letting the blades of your perfect knives touch anything other than wood, you should invest in a solid board for all your dicing and chopping needs.

    8. Never have to say "when" again with a handheld grater in your kitchen β€” designed with a super-soft grip and two different-sized blade types that allow you to grate your fave Parmesan finely or coarsely.

    9. Having a set of mixing bowls is essential to any kitchen: They make mixing ingredients super simple and storing extras a hassle-free experience, and even work in a pinch when you don't have any clean serving bowls.

    10. Let's be serious β€” every kitchen needs a good can opener with a solid comfy grip and a wide handle to turn, because the key to a good can opener is never actually having to think about a f#@%ing can opener.

    11. If you've invested in a knife β€” and especially if you haven't β€” you need a solid sharpener that safely allows you to gently swipe and sharpen with ease to keep the life of your blades long and fine.

    12. Even though kitchen real estate is very valuable, consider giving some up to a carbon steel wok, the perfect tool for making delicious meals in one easy-to-clean pan.

    13. Add wooden kitchen utensils to your arsenal of cooking tools, which stay cool because they aren't conducive to heat β€” making them ideal for dishes that require a ton of stirring.

    14. Whether you plop down dough straight outta the package or you painstakingly mix it from scratch, you're going to need a cookie sheet capable of allowing food to bake and brown with ease β€” try a nonstick set with different sizes that'll cater to how much you're baking.

    15. And since you're investing the time to bake some delicious treats, you'll want let them cool with a nonstick wire cookie rack β€” I know it's hard, but giving your cookies a chance to release some heat is an important part of the baking process (and in the not-burning-the-roof-of-your-mouth process).

    16. If you ever need to measure out liquids (aka to make basically any recipe), then you need a glass measuring cup: It's nonporous, so it doesn't absorb the flavors of the ingredients, it's easy to clean in the dishwasher, and totally microwave-safe.

    17. Believe it or not, a set of peelers is a pretty crucial addition to your kitchen-tool set for making prep much easier β€” try a julienne peeler for long spiral shavings, a swivel peeler for classic peeling needs, and a serrated peeler for soft fruits and veggies.

    18. It may seem obvious, but a solid drying rack with enough space and slots will help immensely when it comes to cleaning up, and will provide some counter storage for all your go-to items.

    19. If meal prep is your thing, then you'll definitely need a ceramic-coated Dutch oven β€” it's the perfect tool to make delicious meals all in one pot.

    20. Or if you're more of the start-cooking-but-then-walk-away type, try a programmable Crock-Pot with a locking lid β€” it'll let you prepare amazing dishes while you do a million other things, plus you can transport it without fear of spilling anything.

    21. Have a nonstick loaf pan on hand for making delicious cakes, meatloaf, and even homemade bread β€” the nonstick surface will make getting them out a little easier.

    22. Having an easy-grip garlic press can make life so much easier β€” just press a garlic clove and watch while perfectly cut chunks come out, leaving you with clean-smelling hands and just enough flavor for your meal.

    23. To make kitchen cleanups less stressful, stock up on easily washable cotton towels you can use to dry dishes, wipe up spills, and even clean off your hands.

    24. Don't let their reputation as bottom-tier holiday cakes fool you: Invest in a set of Bundt cake pans, which can be used for *so* many other delicious recipes as well.

    25. Having a set of kitchen scissors specifically for food can be a real time-saver: Instead of using a knife or your hands, just cut right into a juicy chicken with a pair of scissors, for instance.

    26. Having a classic and easy-to-grip pizza cutter as part of your kitchen toolkit will make enjoying the best food on the planet that much better β€” plus, they're great for slicing through sandwiches, lettuce, pancakes, and so many other often-awkward foods to cut.

    27. People don't often utilize sheet pans to their potential, and there are a variety of yummy, super-easy recipes you can throw together using one of these nonstick bad boys.

    28. If you're anything like me and love cheesecake more than most people, you definitely need a springform pan β€” it's designed to be totally leak-proof, so you just place all the ingredients in, let them set and bake, then unlatch for a super-easy removal with nothing left behind.

    29. Only you can prevent burning off all your fingerprints β€” and having a solid pair of textured silicone oven mitts is not only important for safety, but it's also a great way to get a grip on your food and prevent any spills.

    30. Although storing them can often be a chore, a complete set of containers will make meal prepping, packing lunches, and storing leftovers a very organized affair.

    31. A plain old nonstick cake pan is such an important part of any kitchen set, because only god knows when you'll get a sudden craving to make a delicious box cake β€” and if cake or brownies aren't your thing, it can be used for lasagna or ziti too.

    32. Throwing a selection of berries, greens, and other nutrient-rich ingredients into a sturdy blender is a great way to make an on-the-go breakfast (or a delicious treat for any time of day, tbh).

    33. And, if you're serious about being prepared for every culinary challenge, get your hands on a full set of cookware you can use to whip up nearly anything in the kitchen.

    Happy cooking, everyone!

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