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    15 Things You Never Knew You Could Rent

    And you thought your renting days were over when Blockbuster closed (RIP to the poppin' Friday nights of my youth).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Rent the Runway, for access to a wardrobe full of super-cute designer clothes you'd normally have to empty your bank account to wear.

    Rent the Runway lets you rent gorgeous pieces from designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Diane von Furstenberg, and Kate Spade for one very affordable price. They offer different plans too, so you can find the one that suits your needs and budget best: For $159 a month, RTR Unlimited lets you rent up to four pieces at once for an unlimited amount of time. RTR Update gives you four pieces a month to help you refresh your wardrobe. Or ,if you're just looking to rent pieces as you need them, RTR Reserve lets you pick from over 200 brands.

    Check out all the plans and inventory on Rent The Runway.

    2. Switch gives you a taste of the glam life with gorgeous rentable luxury jewelry for just a fraction of the price you'd spend actually buying them.

    Starting at $29 a month, Switch offers three memberships that give you access to some very luxe pieces of jewelry from designers like Chanel, Hermes, David Yurman, and Christian Dior.

    Take a took at all of the beautiful pieces and membership plans available at Switch.

    3. Bag Borrow or Steal lets you tote around all those expensive AF handbags you drool over for a low monthly rate — because it doesn't make sense to carry around a handbag you don't have any money to actually put in.

    Bag Borrow or Steal offers you options to rent, purchase, or even sell your designer handbags. Prices vary based on the style, designer, and length of time — but for just around $200 you can have the trendiest Gucci bag out there for a full month of stylish wear (a lot cheaper than its $2,000 retail price).

    Learn all about how it works at Bag Borrow or Steal.

    4. Toy Library is the perfect solution to giving your growing (and always changing) kids some of the coolest toys without adding any more inventory to your house.

    If you're a parent, you know how much your kiddos love playing with all sorts of toys, and you also know how quickly they grow out of them — leaving you with a bunch of toys with no home. Well, not anymore! Toy Library lets you pick two toys from an inventory of over 500 (all cleaned and sanitized after each return) to play with and use all month long. Plans start at $24.99.

    Take a look at their selections and plan options at Toy Library.

    5. Feather lets you rent gorgeous pieces of furniture (and even air conditioners) for one low monthly rate — plus they'll arrange the delivery and pickup!

    New furniture is probably one of life's biggest expenses. The cost of sofas, bed frames, and even appliances like air conditioners can really add up — especially if you're in a temporary housing situation! But don't fret, my pets: Feather gives you the opportunity to rent gorgeous pieces of furniture from places like West Elm, among other popular retailers, for as little as three months for one reasonable monthly rate.

    Check out the gorgeous inventory of furniture (and air conditioners!!!) at Feather.

    6. Borrowing Magnolia gives you access to thousands of gorgeous wedding dresses for your big day so that you don't have to throw down major bucks on something you're only going to wear once.

    Yes, your wedding day will probably go down as one of the best days of your whole life — but it'll probably also be one of the most expensive. Chances are you're shelling out thousands of dollars to celebrate your love with a bunch of distant relatives. On top of that, you're decked out in the most expensive outfit you'll probably ever own, and you'll only wear it on this ONE day. WTF? Well, Borrowing Magnolia lets you rent your special dress, so you can still look amazing on your big day but not have to deal with the cost a wedding gown would normally run you.

    Rentals start at $200 with options to rent never-before-worn dresses and styles in a wide variety of sizes. And if you're more of a tux-wearing person, The Blk Tux offers a similar service.

    7. And Vow to Be Chic offers rentable (and buyable) bridesmaid dresses to help you celebrate your bestie's big day without completely clearing out your savings.

    Of course you want to support your friend on their wedding day — but you've also got bills to pay, and being a bridesmaid is expensive AF. Plus, let's be real: You're stuck with a dress you'll probably never wear again! Vow to Be Chic changes all that by giving you you the opportunity to rent a gorgeous bridesmaid dress at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy. So brides, give your friends a break and check out their gorgeous inventory.

    Rentals start at $69 and include brands like Monique Lhuillier, Paper Crown, and Nicole Miller.

    8. BorrowMyDoggy connects dog owners with local dog borrowers for walks, weekends, and holidays. Yup, it's doggies on demand!

    Do you wish you had a pup more than anything in this whole world? Do you have a doggy and wish you could find someone who would love them as much as you do when you're out of town? Well, do I have a solution for you! BorrowMyDoggy lets you hang out with pups and make new friends, partnering dogs in need of human caretakers with folks just like you! You get to hang out, cuddle, go on walks — do all the things one dreams of doing with a gorgeous pupper without the long-term commitment.

    Learn how to sign up to become a member of what is certainly heaven.

    9. Eye Desired gives you access to gorgeous designer sunnies without the designer price.

    Eye Desired is simple. You sign up, select from the mounds of designer eyewear available, wear them to your heart's content, and then swap them out when you're tired of many or as few as you want!

    Sign up through Eye Desired.

    10. Rent the Chicken stays true to its name and lets you rent some feathery friends before you make the full-fledged commitment to adopt one. Farm-fresh eggs, anyone?

    Rent The Chicken provides you with everything you need to care for your new plucky friends: a portable chicken coop, two or four egg-laying hens, 100-200 pounds of feed (optional non-GMO or organic feed available), food and water dishes, and instructions on how to keep your chickens happy. If after your rental period you decide you can't bear to part with your feathery friends, you can adopt them!

    Check out all the deets on how to bring a chicken home here.

    11. Bridesmaid for Hire gives you access to a slew of professional wedding-goers whose sole job would be to take care of you on your big day.

    Being a bridesmaid is a huge commitment, both time-wise and financially — and sometimes your circle of besties just can't do it. So why not hire someone to be part of your wedding party? Their literal job would be to make sure you get all the help you need on your wedding day.

    Check out how you can become a bridesmaid for hire or how to add one to your wedding guest list.

    12. We Rent Goats lets you rent the animal that's really the greatest of all time — or G.O.A.T., as I like to call them.,

    Have a field that needs grazing? Weeds that need eating? Well, a goat can take care of that! But housing and caring for a goat isn't always a practical thing to do. We Rent Goats lends you the goats you need without the huge goat caring commitment. Prices vary but they do also have working dogs for your working-dog needs...just saying.

    Get all the deets (and the goats) through We Rent Goats.

    13. Chegg lets you rent textbooks for a much lower cost than what you'd buy them for at your campus bookstore.

    On top of a slew of textbooks to rent, Chegg offers used book sales, studying resources, tutors, math and writing tips, and resources to make your homework and school experience a little easier.

    Check out all the resources and textbooks available at Chegg.

    14. Rent A Wheel offers the largest selection of custom wheels and tires through their rent-to-own program.

    If you drive you a car then you know how huge of an expense new tires can be. Whether you're looking for cooler shoes to outfit your ride in or your old tires are just in need of a replacement, Rent A Wheel can help you get what you're looking for through their rent-to-own program. This way you don't have to shell out the cash all at once.

    Get more information on the different options and prices at Rent A Wheel.

    15. Rent a Friend lets you do just that — rent a fuckin' friend, because no one tells you how hard it is to find friends when you're an adult.

    Maybe you're new in town, or maybe all your closest friends moved out of town. It happens! Doesn't mean you need to be deprived of socialization, so Rent a Friend connects you with people in your area interested in doing similar activities so you don't have to hang out alone (unless you want to, which I totally get!).

    Explore all the folks who can become your future besties through Rent a Friend.

    And remember, folks...


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