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27 Things You Need If Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

They're just the too pawfect for words.

1. Some chew toys. But you'll just need to hold their ears back when they're done.

2. A ring that shows they'll be your bestie for a million years, that's like seven million dog years.

3. A hide-a-squirrel toy that'll be a perfect thank you for that time they helped you negotiate the terms of your leash.

4. A mug that explains to the world why you're such a hard worker.

5. A bed that's just pawfect for a night in.

6. This magnet because you know they'll always be your ride-or-die BFF.

7. A onesie and bandana set that'll look totally fetching.

8. A necklace/dog tag set that will really say "I ruff you."

9. A patch of grass for when they need to go shih tzu and can't make it outside.

10. A sign that let's everyone know you're tired of being hounded by humans.

11. A treat-dispensing toy for when you need to whippet, whippet good.

12. A dish towel for when you finally decide to whip up some woofles.

13. A shampoo that's pawesome for dealing with their itchy skin.

14. A beer mug for when you've had a ruff day and just wanna relax your tired dawgs.

15. A set of matching T-shirts because besties = twinsies!

16. A custom-made necklace that everyone will really dig.

17. A toy they can use when their canines fall out.

18. A pillow that explains who the alpha is in your relationship.

19. Some treats because who's a good boy?

20. A wine glass that is tired of other people's judgements.

21. A necklace that you just mutt have.

22. A mug for when humans are being repugnant.

23. A set of custom stickers so that you can put their face on everything!

24. A designer bag toy because it's almost their birthday and you know they've eyeing that purse from Barkdorf Goodman.

25. A custom blanket so they can be as snug as a pug in a rug.

26. A pillow case that explains how things are divided up in your house.

27. And a treat dispensing, Wi-Fi enabled, two-way audio camera because you know you can't get through the day without their perfect furry face.

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