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31 Things You 100% Need For The Pool This Summer

You'll basically be the life of the pool party.

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1. Some floating flamingo cup holders that are just flocking fabulous.

2. An adorable cover-up so you can go from the water to the bar in total style.


3. A floating game of beer pong that's probably way more hygienic than the tabletop version.

4. A pair of fresh AF sunnies because the lifeguard's abs should be the only thing blinding you.

5. A waterproof solar charger so you can guarantee your phone has enough power to snap every moment.

Promising Review: "This thing is amazing. I clip it on my bag when I take my kids to the park and don't need to worry about my phone dying. It even has enough juice to charge my iPad while I'm using it. Soccer practice, sitting by the pool, strolling downtown — no need to find an outlet." —J Danielle

Get it from Amazon for $18+. (Available in a variety of color options.)


7. A leafy two-piece you'll be laps around the competition in.

9. A giant F#@%ing tote for everything you could possibly need while you're laying pool side.


11. A waterproof phone case so you can make sure you don't accidentally drop your phone in the pool.

Promising Review: "Used this product on a hot summer weekend in Vegas, and it survived two pool parties so far! It's great that you can still use your phone when it's in the pouch." —Damien

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $10.

12. And a wireless, waterproof speaker to make sure the music doesn't stop.

13. A super chic one-piece you'll be comfortable enough in to lay by the pool in or stroll to the bar with.

14. A pair of sunnies that'll transition perfectly from the pool to the car to inside of the store where you'll roll your eyes at how long the line is to buy ice.


20. A vintage-style bathing suit to have you looking like a modern day pin-up.

Get it from Amazon for $4+. (Available in a variety of colors and in sizes S-XXL. You can find more options here.)

22. A towel Snuggie. Like, do you really need me to explain why this is the most awesome thing ever invented?


23. A portable microfiber towel to dry you off quick.

25. An adorable sun hat to let everyone know exactly how you're feeling.


29. A bottle tote to make sure your drinks stay cold while you stay hot.

30. A floating volleyball game so you can show everyone just how competitive you really are.

31. And some giant floating pizza slices — now all you need are enough friends to fill the whole pie.

You'll never leave the pool again!

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