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    Just 39 Things To Treat Your Dog To Right Now

    You work hard so your dog can have a good life.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Wobble Wag Giggle ball designed with six clutch pockets for easy pick-up, an internal tube noisemaker that engages your pup, and a perfect shape that allows it to start rolling when your pup nudges it with its nose.

    A very happy white, brown, and black dog sitting on grass with the ball in front of him

    2. A durable Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew that'll last a really long time — even if your fur baby is an aggressive chewer.

    A dog holding the chew toy with two paws and chomping at it

    3. An interactive AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat that allows your dog to find snacks or small toys hidden within it while it sniffs around.

    A customer review photo of a dog sniffing around a felt mat to find a piece of food

    4. An at-home cheek swab Embark Dog DNA Test Kit that'll let you help your cuddle bug discover their breed and genetic ancestry. It can also be used to figure out any traits and potential health issues.

    A diagram showing the breakdown of dog's genetic makeup

    5. A super comfy Frisco Plush Orthopedic cat and dog bed complete with a removable machine-washable cover so you can freshen it up whenever they want. It's also designed with a wraparound bolster so your cuddle bug can have something to lean on — other than you of course.

    A dog and cat in the bed

    6. A relaxing Puppy Love Dog Bath Bomb which uses kaolin clay to help gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It also has oatmeal powders, coconut oil, and lavender oil to help stop itchiness and soothe your pup's skin.

    A person holding the bath bomb

    7. A hooded robe, so bath time can equal your dog's spa time if you believe — and buy them the right accessories.

    A dog wearing hooded shark towel

    8. A foldable and collapsible pool designed with a drainage valve so you can empty it quick after your pupper is done splashing around.

    9. A super-fun glow-in-the-dark ball — just hold it under sunlight or light for about five minutes for up to 20 minutes of play.

    A customer review photo of a dog holding the glowing ball in its mouth

    10. An interactive hide-a-squirrel dog toy that'll entertain your doggo for hours and hours and hours on end.

    A customer review photo of their dog playing with the toy

    11. A bag of peanut butter dog treats that are made with all organic and non-GMO ingredients so they're not only tasty for your pup but safe and healthy, too.

    The baked treats on a blue background

    12. An interactive treat-dispensing ball that honestly I wish they made for humans. I would be way more inclined to be active or exercise if I knew I was gonna be rewarded with, say, an Oreo.

    The yellow and pink ball which has holes from which the treats fall

    13. A customizable metal ID tag you can attach directly to the collar — now neither of you have to deal with the excessive jingle that follows them around everywhere.

    A dog with the tag on its collar

    14. A genuinely remarkable doggie doorbell so your pup never has to scratch at your door again. It's also super easy to install (no wiring or tools required), has a built-in treat holder for easy and fun training, and is totally wireless with a range up to 250 feet. Plus, it's rain- and snow-proof with 36 selectable tunes.

    A dog using its nose to push a yellow disc on the doorbell

    15. A super-tough Goughnuts chew ring your dog won't be able to destroy — in fact, they'll probably pass out from the exhaustion of trying.

    16. A subscription to DogTV because if we're being honest your pup is tired of watching reruns of Schitt's Creek with you.

    17. An adorable and durable stuffed duck your pup will love forever and ever.

    18. A no-wheat peanut butter–flavored dog birthday cake set to help celebrate your fluffer's special day — which, honestly, should be every day!

    A dog and their cake

    19. A subscription to PetPlate, a human-grade meal service specifically for your dog. Their recipes are made with real ingredients and scientifically rooted recipes that'll get your fur monster the essential nutrition they need.

    A hand holding a bowl of dog food in front of a hungry looking dog

    20. A splurge-worthy and treat-tossing Furbo so you can dispense treats to your little cuddle bug even when you aren't home.

    21. A durable Romp-n-Roll rope-and-ball chew toy your dog won't ever want to let go of — unless, of course, you're using it to play fetch, in which case hurry up and throw it again already!

    A customer review photo of their dog holding the toy, which is a rope attached to a ball, in its mouth

    22. A stuffing-less dog toy designed with two squeakers so your dog can get right to the excitement without any of the fluff.

    A happy dog with their duck toy

    23. An interactive puzzle game with sliding boxes that open up to reveal a yummy treat — not only is your dog entertained but they're rewarded for it!

    A dog who has solved the puzzle

    24. A bag of Virbac C.E.T. VeggieDent Fr3sh Tartar Control Dog Chews — a plant-based treat that'll help clean their gums, freshen their breath, and promote a balanced digestive system.

    A dog chewing on dental chew

    25. Or go with a bag of Greenies Fresh Natural Dental Dog Treats that are basically a breath mint AND a treat for your favorite furry friend.

    A customer review photo of the treat, which is a bone on one end and a toothbrush shape on the other

    26. A cozy little sleeping bag so they can curl up and get nice and comfy during nap time — plus it's small enough to fit right in your washing machine.

    A dog nestled up in the sleeping bag

    27. A professional-grade handheld dog shower attachment with a contoured design that'll provide a steady stream while using 30% less water.

    A customer review photo showing their dog getting a bath with the handheld dog shower attachment

    28. A genius little Aquapaw slow treat-dispensing mat so you can distract your pup with a treat while you wash them — it easily sticks to any smooth service (like your shower tiles) and you just fill it with some PB.

    29. A Nylabone Power Chew Bone, a multi-textured chew toy that can keep your doggy busy and happy for hours. It's also specifically created for dogs that are 50+ pounds.

    30. A delicious jar of Whisk & Wag Natural Dog Treat Baking Mix so you can whip up some fresh and yummy treats for the only one in your house who appreciates you.

    31. A super-fun Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Toy that'll let your dog live out their fantasy of chasing and actually catching their archnemesis — the pesky squirrel.

    A customer review photo of their lab sitting outside with the yellow flying squirrel toy

    32. A soothing Snuggle Puppy that's designed with a pulsing heartbeat and heat pack to help calm your cuddle bug and reduce the stressors that lead to things like barking, whining, and anxiety. It's also machine washable in the gentle cycle.

    33. A genius Pop Up Pet Door that you secure between your wall and sliding door to create a passageway for your furry friends while keeping the heat, cold, bugs, whatever where it's supposed to be.

    34. A container of Zesty Paws Dog Calming Bites, a stress relieving and anxiety calming supplement that'll help your pup feel their best.

    A customer review photo of them holding the orange tub with a dog in the background

    35. A comforting Thundershirt designed to apply a gentle and constant pressure that'll help calm and soothe your anxious pup.

    36. A gentle hair-removing glove you can use to brush your doggo while they get to totally relax.

    A customer review photo of them using the glove to brush their relaxed dog

    37. A set of carpeted pet stairs designed to be easily folded and securely stored when they're not needed.

    38. A bottle of VetriScience Vetri-DMG Liquid Immune Supplement designed to support proper immune response, cardiovascular and skin health, glucose metabolism, and proper nerve and brain functions in your perfect little fluff.

    A bottle of the supplement

    39. And last but not least, a relaxing rose-and-vanilla dog bubble bath made with a calming floral blend of rose and lavender. It also uses rosemary and vanilla to help soothe any irritation and inflammation your pup might be experiencing. And before you worry about the bubbles, they use a floral foaming cocktail that uses a coconut-derived foaming agent known as “baby foam” great for even the most sensitive pups.

    The jar of Dog Bubble Bath

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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