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34 Things That'll Make You Say, "Why Don't I Own That Already?"

From off-the-shoulder tops to pretzel pool floats to custom pillow covers with your pet's face: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

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1. This off-the-shoulder top that's just asking to be taken on a weekend getaway.

2. This flip-flop bottle opener almost too cute to function... but it *does* function, so that's even better.

3. This liquid eyeliner people legit swear is the best eyeliner ever known to man.,

Promising Review: "This is probably one of my favorite eyeliners of all time, and I don't think I will be buying any other brand for a long time. The 'pencil' style provides more application control and precision, and the liquid liner goes on and stays on. You can also control the amount of product on the tip by shaking it. Absolutely love and highly recommend." —Princess Kitten

Get it from Amazon for $7.


5. This brush cleaner that quickly cleans your tools so you can use them right away.

Promising Review: "This thing is amazing! I don't know how I've lived without it for this long. Seriously, everyone should have one. It removes color from your brushes so you can use the same brush for other colors without the colors getting muddled. It's especially useful for darker shades. This doesn't replace a good wash, but it means you can go a bit longer without having to wash your brushes due to color, especially if you're like me and have to wash your brushes every time you do a highly pigmented or darker look. This is now a must for me and I can't imagine not having this around when doing my makeup." —TickTockAlice

Get it from Amazon for $7.

6. This off-the-shoulder one piece you'll wear the hell out of on your next trip to the beach.

Promising Review: "I debated between getting the large or medium, but ended up getting a medium and thought it was great! More of a lounging suit. Not comfortable to swim in cause you don't have a lot of arm movement, but I loved it for a pool party." —Bradley Gibson

Get it from Amazon for $16. (Available in sizes S-XXL.)

7. This pretzel float to make everyone at the pool super thirsty.


8. These flexible, moldable, expandable, amazing cake molds, that do basically everything for you...except make the actual cake.

10. This adorable romper for every event when you have nothing to wear to.

11. This celestial phone case so you can map out your next journey.


12. This keychain that unfolds into a wet bag so your belongings stay safe and dry during your next trip to the pool.

13. This T-shirt your should wear at your own risk.

14. This charcoal face mask to help get deep down in there and remove all those gross impurities from your pores.

Promising Review: "Left my skin so soft! Love this mask, it draws out all the impurities and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I use it at least once a week. My skin can be quite sensitive and I find this mask doesn't irritate it at all." —KYLEA

Get it from Blackmuck for $8+. (Available in a variety of size options.)

15. This makeup bag that's actually every roommate to a messy person's dream.

Promising Review: "This is one of my favorite Amazon purchases ever! It's supposed to be a handy little makeup travel bag, but I use it to store my makeup all the time instead of leaving it all out in the open on the counter. It holds so much more than you would think. And it is made of a material that can be wiped off and cleaned with ease." —T. Alvarado

Get it on Amazon for $9.


16. These adorable earrings just hippo to see you.

17. This coconut lip gloss to bring your lips back to life.

Promising Review: "This has become my favorite lip balm. It's light and smooth, but lasts for a long time and makes my lips super soft. The scent is intoxicating, too. You can’t go wrong!!" —Dawn B.

Get it from Kopari Beauty for $12.

18. This custom-made pillow cover because if your house isn't decorated with your pup's face everywhere, what are you even doing??


20. This baseball cap so your head has a version of that bumper sticker people get to stop tailgaters. Walking tailgaters exist people...and they're the worst.

21. These nail vinyls to help you bring some magic to your manicure.

23. Some delicate earrings that are just floral perfection.


24. This T-shirt because it is the summer of George and everyone should know it!


30. Some not-your-average South African beef jerky that's legit delicious.

Promising Review: "Definitely different than the 'jerky' that is sold in US stores, but in a good way! I never buy jerky because of the extremely high sodium content. This stuff is tender, not salty, with a hint of vinegar and pepper, and is actual strips of steak. You can taste the meat itself and not all salt and sugar. I will buy again!" —Mel

Get it from Bull and Cleaver for $9+. (Available in different sizes.)


33. These handmade sunnies you can rock all summer long.

Promising Review: "These were a gift for my wife, and she loves them! They're a nice weight and the style was perfect." —Blaine W.

Get them from MVMT for $75. (Available in a variety of lens colors.)

34. And these comfortable AF hypoallergenic sheets that are 100%, the most comfortable sheets you'll sleep on.

Promising Review: "Beautiful set — soft, wrinkle free, and great color options. I love the deep pockets, and the material is so soft. Makes a good impression in my guest room." —Joanne Wevodau

Get them from Amazon for $25+. (Available in a variety of colors and sizes.)