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    31 Things That’ll Make You Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

    From perfect summer dresses to mathematical wall clocks to Disney face masks: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

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    1. A tie-front midi dress designed with a button-front skirt, adjustable spaghetti straps, and a lightweight material so you're cool and comfy all summer long.

    2. An adorable coloring book that'll help you bring to life all the pictures from your favorite dog's international travels.

    3. A Disney green-tea face mask, because if anyone is going to give you the skin of a princess, it's gonna be Mickey.

    4. A dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant, silicone collapsible funnel to make transferring your ingredients and products just that much easier — without taking too much of your valuable kitchen space to boot.

    5. A fantastically engraved shot glass just in case anyone is unclear as to why you're taking shots — because let's be real, if you're taking shots it's only going to lead to one thing.

    6. A precious little magnetic owl to answer you when you're wondering who has your keys.

    7. A cute AF floral cutout bathing suit that'll give the illusion you're wearing a two-piece from the back but will actually have you in the total comfort of a one-piece.

    8. An entertaining and inspirational book on how to use your inner powers to battle all the drama, toxins, and general BS you have to deal with on the regular.

    9. A pair of super-reflective sunnies to double as a mirror when you need to touch up your lipstick in the shining summer sun.

    10. An 8-inch deluxe teasing comb designed with layered bristles to help bring your hair to new heights.

    11. An adorable little glass lightbulb vase to house all your small plants and giant ideas.

    12. A cushy set of bagel and coffee dog toys, because mornings are ruff for your pup on the go, and it's important you help them start their mornings off right.

    13. A smart AF wall clock that'll really give you an excuse as to why you're late all the damn time.

    14. A relaxing sleep mask to help you get those extra z's in so you actually can live like there's no midnight.

    15. A mini USB light for when you need a little help seeing when it's darker than space.

    16. A flirty wrap mini dress designed with a deep V-neck and ruffle hem details to help you keep your summer carefree and looking good.

    17. A handy little linen storage basket that'll make cleanup a whale of a good time.

    18. A six-pair set of gold earrings with a wide variety of styles to make sure you have the exact pair you need for whatever look you're going for.

    19. A pack of silicone tea bag holders you can place securely on the edge of your mug to help you brew your tea and remind you to take it slow.

    20. An eye-catching pair of wall-hanging glass planters to help bring your walls to life — literally, because they can house living foliage.

    21. A high-waisted and deep V-cut two-piece bathing suit that'll have you feeling totally comfy and super cute on your tropical vacation.

    22. A pack of Japanese-imported matcha Kit-Kats, because they're F#@%ING DELICIOUS!!!

    23. A round straw cross-body bag to help you carry everything you need this summer.

    24. A set of metal bookends so you can totally slash through the classics.

    25. A 35-inch inflatable cooler that'll float with you while you bask in the summer sun — and keep your drinks just arm's length away.

    26. A moisturizing tube of Lip Smacker lip balm perfect for when you know you're gonna have a makeout session with your Mickey.

    27. A microwave- and dishwasher-safe coffee mug designed with the kind of inspirational quote you only ever really see on a Pinterest board.

    28. A stunning silver fortune cookie perfect for that recent grad who is about to enter the shockingly disappointing real world — it fits cash and a personalized note!

    29. A cotton Nicolas Cage T-shirt designed with some simple illustrations to let everyone know exactly how you're feeling.

    30. A pack of medieval pushpins so even your bulletin board can show off your GoT fandom.

    31. And a super-easy button-up crop top you'll throw on during those hot summer days when you just cannot figure out what the F to wear.

    All this stuff has me feeling like:

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