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    24 Things That'll Help You Stop Being Such A Hot Sweaty Mess

    Unless your name is *Keith*, no one wants to see you sweat.

    Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

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    1. A deodorant cream that'll prevent your feet from swimming in their own juices.

    Promising Review: "If you have sweaty feet there is nothing on the market better than Lavilin. I've tried everything and this stuff is the only product that actually works. My feet use to sweat and smell. Not anymore!" —Tracker

    Get it from Amazon for $15.

    2. An off-the-shoulder top to help keep you cool in even the hottest temperatures.

    Promising Review: "Darling shirt at a great price! I bought it in a medium for my daughter, who is 5'2", 130 lbs., and pretty flat chested. It fit perfectly! It was was nice and cool, but also dressy for a 91 degree football game day. She wore it for about 12 hours, it looked great all day, and transitioned well into the evening!" —Claire C Adrian

    Get it from Amazon for $6+. (Available in a variety of prints and in sizes S-XXL.)

    3. A bra liner because under-boob sweat is real and it f#@%ing sucks.

    Promising Review: "I'm embarrassed that I didn't know there was a product to help with bra discomfort and sweat. I can't believe I suffered through underwire and under-sweat for so many years! This liner is fairly simple to place, and it stays put for me. I purchased it to see if it helped the sweating and it totally did. Moreover, it's made all my bras super comfortable. I typically can't wait to take my bra off at night, resulting in a loud sigh of relief. However, while I'm wearing this, I don't have any discomfort." —bubbleslovesoap

    Get it from Amazon for $20. (Available in black, nude, or pink.)

    4. Some green tea oil-absorbing tissues because that greasy look is only cute on your fries.

    Promising Review: "Absolutely wonderful. When I moved to Hawaii and got a serving job outside, I wasn't used to the humid climate and was constantly sweating. These actually work, not just to get you dry, but keep you dry twice as long. Super absorbent. I got several girls at work to buy them, and have never turned back. Highly recommend!" —Briana Gibson

    Get a 100-pack from Amazon for $7.

    5. A handheld fan for an I'm so cool look, where you're actually cool — like, temperature wise.

    Promising Review: "This little wonder is awesome. I live in the south where there is very little wind, so whenever I take my dogs to the park I sweat like a yeti in the summer. This little guy has three settings and puts out a good breeze. The battery is rechargeable, just plug it in, and it charges pretty quick. The charge lasts, I would guess for about eight or so hours of continuous use. Best part? Fits in my purse!! My family was making fun of me for having a fan in my purse. But when we were at the state fair my brother, (who made fun of me), said 'hey can I see that fan?'" —TheMagpie74

    Get it from Amazon for $14. (Available in pink, blue, or black.)

    6. A pair of adorable sandals that'll help keep your feet looking — and feeling — fresh.,

    Promising Review: "These sandals are cute. I bought a size seven, and they fit perfectly. For what you are paying for, these are very nice. I would read the reviews before choosing a size. I did that and am glad I did. I would recommend these to anyone. No issues with shipping or packaging." —Sarah BG

    Get them from Amazon for $13+. (Available in a variety of colors and in sizes 5-11.)

    7. Some anti-chafing balm so your thighs don't suffer thanks to your sweat.

    Promising Review: "I have always had chaffing issues 'down under.' I used to go through tons of powder to try to keep the sweat, and resulting discomfort, under control — particularly on a warm day. Nothing helped. It's been probably 20+ years since I've enjoyed all those things I liked to do, especially the beach or pool. For the last few months I've been using this and I couldn't be happier. I spent six hours at the beach today, normally I'd be miserable but I feel perfect. No rash, no irritation, no discomfort all day long. I even went as far a playing in the sand with the little ones." —Don F.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.

    8. A matte finishing spray to help keep your makeup prisoner even if you're dripping sweat.,

    Promising Review: "I use this to set all my makeup at the very end, and immediately after I'm done with my eyebrows. I don't recommend going overboard on spraying this, if you spray about four pumps it works wonders. My makeup will last a good two hours even in 90 degree weather." —Melinda Del Rio

    Get it from Amazon for $8.

    9. A flowy dress you'll look super cute in, even if you feel like a sticky mess.

    Promising Review: "Very satisfied with this dress. I am a size eight and the medium fit perfectly. I liked the shade of pink; it's very light so it's just right on hot days. I get so many compliments when I wear it." —Jacqueline Azoubel

    Get it from Amazon for $10+. (Available in a variety of colors and in sizes S-XL.)

    10. A pair of crew socks made with mil spec silver filament which can help kill bacteria and provide odor and moisture control for your sweaty feet.

    Get a pair from American Trench for $17.

    11. A portable air conditioner that uses a wet sponge to keep you cooler than a normal fan would.

    Promising Review: "The AC in my car broke. I live in California, and the summers are very hot. I have to use ice packs, and a cooling towel around my neck, but still my face would sweat and makeup would melt. This made the difference. Now my face and neck stay cool." —Sugar & Spice

    Get it from Amazon for $20. (Available in blue, black, or purple.)

    12. Some clinical-strength antiperspirant you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

    Promising Review: "Best, most amazingly awesome product I've used in so so long!!! I have night sweats — dreadful, change-your-clothes-three-times-then-run-out-of-pjs-so-line-the-bed-with-towels-and-still-soak-through, kind of dreadful. Like I'm in a bath when I wake up. Every. Single. Night. I tried this for the first time three days ago and I've had two dry nights! I've even been able to wear a T-shirt two days running. You won't regret buying this!" —00househ

    Get it from Amazon for $19.

    You can also check out these top-rated natural deodorants on BuzzFeed reviews.

    13. A lightweight tank top for all those days when it's just too damn hot to get dressed.

    Promising Review: "I wanted to get something for summer that gave me coverage around the bum and upper chest area while still giving me some serious ventilation — because I am a sweat machine. This fabric type is a good line of defense for hot, humid days." —Maryam Mirriahi

    Get it from Amazon for $11+. (Available in a variety of colors and in sizes XS-5XL.)

    14. A face powder to help beat the heat after you use it to beat your face.,

    Promising Review: "I LOVE this powder. I use it over my eyeliner, and eye shadow, so it doesn't smear or sweat off during the day. I like this so much better than colored translucent powder that leaves color smudges on things and never seems to match my skin tone." —Jo Fogarty

    Get it from Amazon for $6.

    15. Some body wipes that'll let you freshen up even when you can't take a shower.

    Promising Review: "I am a very large, very sweaty male, with a long commute. I used to bring a spare undershirt to work everyday and keep a spare dress shirt in my car just in case my sweating got really bad. These wipes have changed that. Using these in the bathroom every day at lunch is basically like having a shower in the middle of my day. I feel ten times fresher and much more confident through the afternoon. They remove oil and sweat immediately, and leave your skin moisturized and clean. They deodorize while leaving a very light, pleasant, gender-neutral fragrance." —Matt Turner

    Get it from Amazon for $10.

    16. Some underarm shields because nothing says, "I'm a hot mess" more than giant pit stains.

    Promising Review: "I love these. I have a few cute summer dresses with sleeves — eeek! The first time I tried the shields it was 104 degrees at an outdoor event, and I was sweating bullets! The shields worked BEAUTIFULLY. Not a sweat stain in sight." —Cosmic Girl

    Get 24-pack from Amazon for $14.

    17. An eyeshadow that stands up to your sweaty face — and wins.

    Promising Review: "I can't get enough of these eyeshadows. AWESOME product. Summer typically brings 90 degrees or more for me, and I tend to sweat more than I'd like to admit. I've never had ANY smudging, dripping, transfer, clumping, etc. This color is a bit more finicky to apply than some others, but it's a lovely once you get the application down." —blueskies

    Get it from Amazon for $6+. (Available in a variety of shades.)

    18. Some handkerchiefs for those moments when you want to look classy patting down your sweat.

    Promising Review: "I keep one in my purse, and typically have one in my pocket, (if I have a pocket). They have come in handy a number of times, to give to my husband to wipe the sweat from his brow, to stop the spread of germs when sneezing, opening the bathroom door (or any door), or wiping my grand-baby's nose. I've even cleaned the dew from my car window so I could drive. Of course, I didn't put it back in my pocket afterward." —Julie Hale

    Get a 13-pack from Amazon for $10+. (Available in purple, red, or white.)

    19. Some misting spray to help cool you off when you don't have a pool to jump into.

    Promising Review: "This is a summer must have. At the lake, at home in front of fan, or if you are a woman of a certain age with night sweats — this is a can of instant refreshing relief from heat, sweating, and sunburns." —Jennifer

    Get it from Amazon for $9+.

    20. A matte lipstick that dries and stays put so not even your sweat can scare it away.

    Promising Review: "GIRL, let me tell you! I wore this for Canada Day, of course, and I was all over the water park, pool party, sweet treats, fireworks, celebratory kisses — my makeup was POPPIN' like those firecrackers all day. But this isn't just for special occasions, TREAT YO' SELF to looking perfect any day of the week." —Victoria W.

    Get it from Beauty Bakerie for $20. (Available in a variety of colors.)

    21. A refreshing maxi dress because sometimes it's hot as shit outside but you still have somewhere to be.

    Promising Review: "The tie around this dress makes it so much more beautiful and elegant! I truly love it. This dress is also lightweight and airy. It's a lovely addition to my wardrobe for the summer. It is a pretty floral print, and pattern design. It is nice to wear here, in Miami, with the hot weather, especially for a night out. I love that it is a maxi dress and flows with the wind." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $18+. (Available in a variety of styles and in sizes S-XXL.)

    22. A comfortable headband to keep your hair from sticking to your sweaty face.

    Promising Review: "I LOVE THIS HEADBAND! When I do cardio I sweat like a sinner in church, so a good sweat wicking headband is a must. I love the various ways you can wear it. It's my current favorite piece of workout wear!" —Sara Miller

    Get it from Amazon for $15. (Available in a variety of colors.)

    23. A dry shampoo that'll help absorb some of your head sweat so it doesn't look like you just took a shower.

    Promising Review: "I have this product on hand at all times! I use it everyday to add volume, and prevent oil and sweat. I love the smell, it's a great way to keep hair clean in between washes." —Sherri Garcia

    Get it from Amazon for $4+. (Available in a variety of scents and sizes.)

    24. These hand and body wipes to kill all the germs your sweat leaves behind.

    Get a pack of 25 from Amazon for $9.

    And with that, I leave you with Mr. Keith Sweat who, despite his name, always keeps it cool.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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